EDITORIAL: Painting the White House green

Ambition and leadership go hand in hand, and Americans expect their decisions to high office to kick in the door with bold plans. President Biden wasted no time putting forward a bold program to solve climate change. Taming the forces of nature can prove to be more difficult and expensive than it looks.

The Biden theme for the day on Wednesday was “Climate Day,” and the president signed an executive order that “clearly establishes climate considerations as an essential element of US foreign policy and national security.” It includes plans for an Earth Day climate summit on April 22nd, as well as the cessation of oil and gas drilling in public spaces, a prioritization of “environmental justice” and – oddly out of step with coronavirus efforts – a diversion from COVID-19 -USD 10 billion emergency funding for climate change projects.

Before Americans resort to the green complexion, they should remember that Mother Nature is the ultimate globalist and her designs may not fit into the four corners of a presidential directive.

Climate protection policy is based on the assumption that increasing amounts of atmospheric carbon dioxide warm the planet. Recent research from Princeton University on the cyclical nature of the Earth’s glaciers and ice sheets suggests the phenomenon is not that simple. The ice core samples collected indicate that global warming during the Ice Age occurred a long time ago with no previous rise in carbon dioxide.

Evidence of climatic dynamics inconsistent with current theories suggests that other factors are at work, such as the incandescent fireball in the sky. Rather than reflecting the rise and fall of atmospheric carbon dioxide, the cyclical nature of ice formation tends to follow the increase and decrease in solar radiation reaching the earth as the planet goes through its natural 41,000-year cycle of change in inclination relative to the sun.

Mr Biden plans to solve global warming by focusing solely on reducing carbon dioxide emissions while excluding consideration of the sun’s influence. This could ultimately lead to a mosquito playing chicken with a tractor-trailer.

There is no doubt that the president has signed up to the Paris Agreement, a move that is expected to bring the temperature down by a fraction of a degree by 2100 while consuming trillions of dollars and millions of jobs. Its abrupt termination of the Keystone XL pipeline has already resulted in the immediate layoff of 1,000 employees and the suspension of plans to hire 10,000 additional employees.

Mr Biden’s blueprint for climate change, coupled with Saudi Arabia’s recent decision to cut oil production by 1 million barrels a day, is already increasing energy costs. For starters, oil prices are up 40 percent since early November, and gas prices at the pump are up 15 percent.

A December Gallup poll ranked the environment and climate change the thirteenth most important non-economic issue in the nation. In the midst of a pandemic, Mr. Biden should turn his attention to achievable tasks like saving American lives.

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