Ed Sheeran Painting Raises Money for Cancer Charity

One of Ed Sheeran’s “Splash Planet” paintings went up for auction for more than $ 70,000 for a cancer charity. The abstract painting, which resembles one of the “drip” paintings by abstract expressionist artist Jackson Pollock, was won by an East Coast bidder who paid $ 27 for a raffle ticket to the event.

The sale raised $ 70,689 for the Suffolk cancer campaign. The organization’s executive director, Karen Hare, told BBC News: “We have been overwhelmed and delighted with the support we have received both domestically and internationally, and it has been absolutely fantastic to know that we have over £ 51,000 in ticket sales and donations have collected. “

Sheeran described the big screen with brightly colored drops and splashes of color and said it was one of the images that appeared on the cover of his 2020 single “Afterglow”.

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