Diamond Painting House Planning an Expansion to Physical Retail

Miami, FL, Nov. 12, 2020 – (PR.com) – While Diamond Painting House has primarily focused on digital retail to date, the company is looking to expand beyond online retail. Her plans include growing the physical retail sector, reaching out to customers in person, and reaching out to people with hobbies who have never heard of diamond painting.

The company saw significant growth online as its website went live and reached more and more people. You’ve managed to build a customer base and grow quickly. They offer their customers an extensive collection of diamond paintings to choose from and one of the largest such collections on the internet.

Expanding into retail stores makes sense for them as they have seen significant growth online and would benefit from a physical retail business. The hobby itself is also growing, reaching new peaks of interest and customer loyalty that have not been seen before.

This rapid growth for the hobby is due to a growing presence on social media and the online community, as well as renewed interest in all types of activities and hobbies at home during this time of the pandemic. The continued growth is not expected to slow anytime soon, so it may be an ideal time for Diamond Painting House to expand now and try to get their product into physical business.

Why physical retail could be risky
Any business trying to get into physical retail would have an uphill battle ahead due to the tight economic conditions. The global labor market is experiencing a downturn, but certain niches are thriving. Hobby companies see increased interest where many conventional companies have to close.

Companies such as adult coloring books, cross stitch, home art kits, and diamond painting saw dramatic increases in customer loyalty, social media interest, and even sales. For this reason, Diamond House Painting wants to step on the physical side of things and test the water.

Business leaders are confident they are taking the right step as the market appears poised for more competition, especially as a growing number of consumers venture into the stores for therapeutic purchases. Retail therapy and diamond painting art therapy are how many people relax these days, and with so many people now stressed out, physically expanding this hobby in retail seems like a safe bet.

What Diamond Painting House has to offer
There is a lot of competition for diamond painting online stores, but less on the physical side. Diamond Painting House is able to offer its customers a huge variety of diamond art paintings that span a range of themes including nature, cityscapes, Christmas themes, animals and mythology. They even offer their customers the ability to customize and design their own images using their own photos.

Their customer-centric approach makes them a top choice for diamond painters. They are known for their responsive service, quick delivery and competitive prices. All of the images they sell are guaranteed to be of high quality.

They also sell a range of diamond painting tools such as prestige diamond pens, tons of brightly colored drills, specialty tools, and more.

The company typically does year-round sales, passing the value on to its customers, and drawing new people into the hobby. This helps increase interest in diamond paintings and keep the inventory moving quickly year round. If they are able to bring that same level of value and loyalty to the physical retail side, they can potentially stay in this business for the long term.

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