Dey Rose debunks conformity on new EP, Panting Heart

VANCOUVER-based Filipino singer-songwriter Dey Rose has maintained a gripping sense of vulnerability on her debut EP Panting Heart, which was released on all digital platforms worldwide via Lilystars Records.

The 6-track album was elaborately written and produced to capture a sound of lasting resonance and warmth. It combines jazz-pop with folk, country, blues, prog rock, 70s soul and R & B and explores fascinating new directions in terms of arrangements and lyrics.

With a diverse selection of songs based on impressive storytelling, the Baguio-born musician presents a snapshot of denominational intimacy in times of restlessness and paranoia and frees herself from the conformity of others and social expectations.

The EP focus single “Di Mo Lang Alam” is inspired by the stories of new friends Dey Rose made in the Philippines. His smooth, jazzy runs and polite rhythms effortlessly fade into the background, while the fascinating vocals of the Filipino-Canadian artist take center stage in a rejuvenating light. It’s easily one of the best songs on the record, a balm of sunshine that hides its very brooding narrative with a story of caution and hope.

Other jewels that you absolutely have to listen to are the jam “Puzzle Piece” that throws back, the bluesy ballad “Paulit-ulit”, the captivating melody “When I’m With You” and the title track “Panting Heart”.

The EP’s signature sound feels like a collection of influences ranging from Lolita Carbon to Etta James, Amy Winehouse to Lorde, seamlessly reproduced to capture a wide range of emotions that are fueled by both experience and technique .

Musically diverse and dedicated, Panting Heart is proof of Dey Rose’s incredible maturity as an artist with characteristic serenity. It offers moments of serious beauty and restraint in step, and inhabits a sense of balance for good measure.

Dey Roses Panting Heart EP is now available on all digital and streaming platforms worldwide through Lilystars Records. (PR)

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