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Scott Hollenberg has been a consultant for 10 years, but now he’s branching out into the contract and home improvement industry – specifically through the Fresh Coat Paint franchise.

Hollenberg has his own private practice in Friedrich, which has brought him some business experience. The company does not require franchisees to have a physical location so that they can operate the business from their home or office.

The company has partnered with Sherwin-Williams Paint to simplify inventory. Fresh Coat also offers a program called Fresh Coat Cares that allows any franchisee to select a charity project to track and support the resources they need.

The Frederick News-Post sat down with Hollenberg to ask him a few questions about his new business. This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Why did you want to get into the paint business?

I’ve always been in a service industry and I’ve always been interested in paint and contractors. I wasn’t sure how to do that. But the opportunity to join Fresh Coat came about and it was just a fluke. It was more my interest in this particular company from Fresh Coat. They have a great teamwork environment, they have great support from their owners, and they have great education. So it was very attractive.

I really enjoy being a consultant. I am honored to be able to do this work. Also, I’m really excited to interact with the business world in a new way, and in a different way too. So I will continue to advise part-time and also start Fresh Coat.

How do you go about dividing your time?

The nice thing about both of them is that they are pretty flexible, so I can rejuvenate one or the other, hire someone into a position at Fresh Coat to do tasks I can’t, and so on.

Why have you always been interested in contracts?

I like to work on things, I like home improvement projects, with painting you beautify rooms especially, you make rooms more livable, more pleasant, and these are the rooms in which we live and work. And so it is more of a thesis for the building contractor. Painting is one of the last things that happens in a project. That can be pretty satisfying to see the end result.

Do you feel that you already have experience with your private practice?

Yes absolutely. That was another reason I explored other options because I like that aspect.

Why did you care about Fresh Coat?

You have an attractive and reasonable buy-in to be part of the company, to be the owner. As I said, they provide wonderful owner support, great training, you can get some training from some experts in this area. They work with the Painting Contractors Association. Between the experts they employ and the partnership with Sherwin-Williams, it’s just a really nice system.

The turning point for me … was the CEO. Tara Riley is someone who has a great vision for the company and who simply demonstrates wonderful leadership skills. It can inspire a teamwork environment. And it is this dynamic quality that helps move this organization forward in building a brand.

And do you expect to hire employees?

Yes, and we are currently hiring painters and interviewing people. I hope I can also create a teamwork environment that people really enjoy working in and we will provide benefits and progress within the organization.

What are you looking forward to

Advice is more of a private endeavor. In my case, you mostly hang out with people for hours. I’m really looking forward to joining the community in new ways and giving back to the community in new ways. For me this means a more balanced lifestyle and a more balanced career.

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