Coshocton man survives car crash to start interior painting business

  • Nathan Gibson started Gibson Interior Painting in early March, offering interior painting and smaller jobs.
  • He started the business after a car accident in September that prevented him from returning to his job.
  • Gibson said the Coshocton community has been helpful, contributed to a GoFundMe account, and shown other help.
  • Gibson is a 2008 graduate of Coshocton High School originally from Canton with two children and one on the way.

COSHOCTON – A car accident changed the life of Nathan Gibson forever, but he believes he could be in a better place now and he really understands how well the Coshocton community supports their own.

After a near-death experience just seven months ago, Gibson has opened his own business, Gibson Interior Painting, and is expecting a third child with his wife, expected in September.

“I don’t mean to say that everything happens for a reason, but I believe God definitely made me open my eyes and make it clear to me that the people you are closest to are who you are need like my wife, “said Gibson. “You can’t look at the negative in it or it will eat you alive.”

The 2008 graduate of Coshocton High School was driving to Sugarcreek for work one day last September when his car pulled up from Ohio 83 near Lake Park. He hit a culvert and then turned back out onto the street. Another car then rammed into the driver’s side.

Gibson suffered a neck and back fracture, torn arteries in the neck, a spleen and liver puncture, and a hernia in the intestine. He has vertical scars from operations on his back and abdomen.

He has little memory of the crash and pretty much nothing else for four days. Since Gibson didn’t know if he could walk again at all, his thoughts immediately turned to his wife Keirstin and their two children Adalyn (4) and Zeke (3). They were about to close a house in Coshocton.

“You don’t know what you’re going to think and feel in a situation like this until you’re actually in it,” Gibson said. “My first thoughts were ‘how should I work. How will I pay our bills. We just bought a house, how should I pay for it. I have a car, how should I pay for it.’ “”

Nathan Gibson started Gibson Interior Painting in early March to take care of his family after being unable to return to his job after being injured in a car accident in September.  He said it was a good time to paint as a lot of people are looking for remodeling.

Gibson’s friend, Devin Rivera, started a GoFundMe page to help with bills that raised more than $ 9,000. Others came in to watch the children so Keirstin could be in the hospital. The NewPointe Community Church brought the family meals every day. Various friends volunteered to clean their house. Local physical therapists took great care of him, Gibson said.

“It’s amazing because you don’t know what to do in this situation,” Gibson said of the support. “After the wreck it hit me, no other place does that kind of thing. Coshocton, no other place in the world is like that.”

Gibson was born in Canton and came to Coshocton when he was 7 years old. After graduating from high school, he got a job and started looking after his brother, who has an intellectual disability. He and Keirstin moved to Charlotte, North Carolina in 2014. Keirstin was sick at home and they moved to Coshocton less than a year later.

Gibson admits he didn’t want to retire at the time. Growing up he had experienced racism that continued as a black man married to a white woman. However, he believes that local racial relations have improved in recent years. He attributes this to groups like Coshoctonians for Peace and Equality, who educate the public on racial issues and history and initiate meaningful dialogue.

Nor can he deny how much the church supported him and his family in their darkest time and while he is building his painting business and another child is on the way.

“When you’re young and you go and go to bigger cities, it’s so diverse. There is so much to do,” Gibson said. “But you miss the security of knowing your neighbor. You miss the scenarios in larger cities where you need something, I have you.”

Since Gibson was unable to get back to his work, he knew he had to do something, and he was experienced in painting, which he enjoyed. Word of mouth booked him with Jobs through the end of the month. It started in early March.

Nathan Gibson started Gibson Interior Painting in early March to take care of his family after being unable to return to his job after being injured in a car accident in September.  He said it was a good time to paint as a lot of people are looking for conversions.

Gibson noted that demand is high right now as people are always looking for renovations in the spring and people have cash on income tax returns and economic finance. He offers interior painting and small repairs such as sealing, filling and sanding.

“I said I would try and see how things go. It was amazing,” Gibson said of the deal.

Gibson Interior Painting is available on Facebook for more information.

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