Champion Painting Specialty Services Corp. and Thomas Industrial Coatings Partner on Andersen Air Force Base in Guam

The project is said to be the first of many for the joint venture

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., March 31, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Champion Painting Specialty Services Corp. (CPSSC) and Thomas Industrial Coatings (TIC) join forces as Thomas Champion Joint Venture (TCJV) starts its first project: repairing the A-11 and A-12 tanks at Andersen Air Force Base in Guam.

The aim of the TCJV is to support the infrastructure of the US Department of Defense in the Indo-Pacific region as the strategic direction in the region has increased. TCJV agreed that the Andersen Air Force Base project was the ideal pilot project by carefully analyzing the options available.

“After years of working in the same industry, we realized each other’s strengths and capabilities and, after careful evaluation, saw opportunities to work together in the defense sector,” he said Zack Beehner, Military Programs Coordinator at CPSSC. “Our future-oriented location enables our customers to use our industry experience through faster mobilization and overall reduced costs.”

TCJV chose to partner based on a similar work ethic, corporate culture and core values.

“At both CPSSC and TIC, your word is your promise, and your word is not used lightly,” Beehner continued. “Knowing that our two companies share this philosophy, we knew we were right to work together.”

The benefit of TCJV is the ability to scale partner involvement and provide clients with the benefits of each company’s combined experience, resources, reliability and performance for complex, time-driven projects.

“We are very excited about the start of our partnership, which starts with our first job,” he said John Lohkamp, Senior Business Developer for TIC. “Thomas Industrial Coatings and Champion both have strong work ethics and great core values. We look forward to our partnership growing.”

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While working in Guam, TCJV plans to support and provide opportunities to the people of Guam. As work on Guam grows, there will be a need for personnel at all levels of the company. TCJV hopes to develop a cadre of qualified and certified coating craftsmen in Guambecause careers in the coatings industry offer lifelong financial stability and can be worthwhile professionally.

TCJV plans to seek motivated and focused staff who have access to work in Department of Defense facilities and who would like to join the team in the long term. As of now, TCJV is working with Island Certs for local workers.

TCJV is actively pursuing and developing projects across the region and is currently developing its next phase with projects in Europe. Both parties to TCJV are SSPC QP1, QP2 and QS1 certified.

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