CAN, Habitat busy painting Sun City homes

By Tom Scott

The Sun City Community Assistance Network and Habitat for Humanity continue their partnership to help low-income homeowners get their homes repainted.

One house has been completed and there are three more houses in the pipeline.

CAN staff review the applications and forward those that meet the requirements to Habitat for Humanity for on-site inspections and estimates. When Habitat officials approve the house, CAN officials provide funding for the paint and Habitat workers paint.

One complainant said she had recently lost her parents and had to pay the mortgage.

“I just scratched past,” she said.

A paint job would be a real boon to them and their neighbors, she added.

Another applicant is disabled and has several debilitating diseases that consume most of her resources and time. Her house has not been painted since she moved in 13 years ago.

Another applicant, a widow who has tried to take up the parts of her life since her husband’s death, said that her housekeeping had been neglected. Her joy in learning about CAN’s Paint the Town program was evident on her face during the home inspection and is one of the reasons CAN is making an effort to connect Sun City residents with resources.

To be eligible for the Paint the Town program, program owners must reside in Sun City and live in a house that needs painting. Financially, their income must be below 150% of federal poverty, or $ 1,562 per month for singles or $ 2,113 for two person households. Applicants must also have less than $ 13,300 in savings.

Not everyone who meets these criteria will be selected. It will also be based on the greatest financial need or the houses in need of paint the most.

To apply, call Sun City CAN at 623-933-7530.

Residents wishing to donate for something that will be of great benefit to a homeowner and improve Sun City can do so by sending a check to Sun City CAN, 10195 W. Coggins Drive, Sun City, AZ 85351.

Editor’s Note: Mr. Scott is a board member of the Sun City Community Assistance Network.

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