Burrell track not ready for meets until weather allows for painting to be done

One of the final details of the $ 1.8 million renovation of the Buccaneer Stadium in the Burrell School District – the painting of lines on the track – is on hold until there’s a window of warmer and drier weather.

“It’s a great interface,” said Drake D’Angelo, Burrell’s director of sports. “We will be thrilled to use the track at full speed when everything is ready.”

Although the boys ‘and girls’ varsity teams have trained on the new track, they moved their first scheduled home meeting with Highlands to the Highlands High School track on March 26th.

While athletes can run on the new track, they cannot compete as the lines for the running tracks have not yet been deleted.

In order for the paint to harden, contractors need at least four rain-free days with temperatures above 50 degrees in the evening and overnight and four days without rain, said D’Angelo.

For the next week, the forecast of the National Weather Service does not show night temperatures of 50 degrees for a day.

While the track team waits for the weather to collaborate, Burrell will speak to opposing teams about moving meetings to this school or other facility, he said.

Contractors ran out of good weather last fall when the renovations were completed in October, D’Angelo said. The contractor decided to wait until the spring for better weather to finish the painting, D’Angelo said.

The contractor, WG Land Co. LLC of Acme, originally had scheduled work completed by August 28th.

The restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic created delays, creating hurdles in planning contractors and securing permits, D’Angelo said.

The track was one of the last things completed for the stadium refurbishment, including installing new drainage systems, artificial turf, and other work.

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