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Sullivan provides a vivid picture of the misery of working in the mines, the grinding physical labor, the dangers of mine collapse and the use of dynamite in planned explosions, the shortened lives of the bad air and quartz dust. It provides a lively backdrop for life on the mountain, the abysmal cold, the lack of food, the warmth of love that grandmother and mother have for the children, and the pride in their Inca heritage. In fascinating detail, she shows Ana’s insightful experience of the better life in the city of Potosi, where she meets a friend who works in a hostel for tourists.

Ana excites with her determination to survive and make a difference. The interesting background of Bolivia’s history and current political reality includes the shameful story of the US company that acquired Bolivia’s water rights.

The incredible painting by Felix Clousseau by Jon Agee; Dial Books, 40 pages ($ 17.99) 4 to 8 years.

Author and illustrator Jon Agee’s acclaimed picture book from 1988 is back in print to delight a new generation of children.

The Parisian art world is shocked when a simple portrait of a duck by an unknown artist croaks – and then wins the Best of Show. Clousseau’s paintings with similarly simple motifs (a boa constrictor, a dog) become very popular, cause chaos and land the artist in prison. This absurd approach to art will appeal to all ages; Agee is at his most disrespectful in his hilarious portrayal of the artist Felix Clousseau, a filthy gentleman in a beret with a beard to his knees. Famous artists of this time are Gaston du Stroganoff, Felicien CaffayOllay and Alphonse LeCamembair. One of the amusing illustrations is a horse-drawn carriage rumbling to Paris with a huge portrait in a chic frame.

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