‘Black Lives Matter’ painting vandalized with white paint outside Fayetteville’s Market House

FAYETTEVILLE, NC (WTVD) – A painting “Black Lives Matter” circling Fayetteville’s market house was destroyed overnight.

On Monday morning, white paint was sprinkled on the exhibition that surrounds the historic landmark.

Police said the vandalism happened around 10:30 p.m. on Sunday.

Authorities tracked down the surveillance video and identified the suspect vehicle as a seemingly white Chevrolet Aveo with a disabled poster on the rearview mirror.

A mechanism appeared to be installed under the vehicle to spread the paint as it slowly passed over the mural.

Last month protesters painted “End Racism Now” and “Black Lives Do Matter” around the exclusion zone of the building where once enslaved people were sold.

“It is extremely unfortunate that the mural we painted around the market house was destroyed. Those responsible went to great lengths to distort something we created to unite the city,” said city administrator Douglas J. Hewett. “These criminal acts do not show who we are as a city. It is clear that there are still people who do not believe in racial equality.”

A Fayetteville city spokesman said Monday that officials are working with the Cool Spring Downtown District to determine the next steps to restore the street painting. The artists “have already indicated their willingness to help with repairs if necessary.” said the speaker.

Mayor Mitch Colvin says the incident is unfortunate but will not divide the community.

“They have agitators who want to keep the conflict going. And I know the people in this community are better than that, we’re smarter than that,” Colvin said.

Chillek Hurst, a Fayetteville-based and local activist, was present at the creation of the city-recognized street art. He told ABC11 that he wasn’t shocked that it happened.

“It’s a hate crime, so the same energy took over the reward for the looters who went in a pair of pants and a pair of shoes … that’s an atrocity committed against us,” Hurst said.

The building has been a controversial issue in the city since the tragic death of George Floyd sparked a movement to change racial relations and police behavior across the country.

Since Floyd’s death, the building’s windows have been broken and a fire set in the walls.

The rapper and Fayetteville native J. Cole was among the participants in a George Floyd protest in May. The Mayor of Fayetteville, Mitch Colvin, was also present.

The police are investigating the vandalism. Anyone with information about this vandalism is asked to call Crimestoppers at (910) 483-TIPS (8477).

Mayor Colvin said just as the people had consequences for the looting and destruction of the market house, he hoped that equal justice would apply to those who committed this vandalism.

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