Black lives matter, female empowerment doesn’t? Pro-Trump women’s group barred from painting non-partisan mural on NYC street — RT Op-ed

Women for America First, a pro-Trump group that wanted to decorate 5th Ave with a (tastefully neutral) mural that was designed like the “Black Lives Matter” in front of Trump Tower, should get lost. But the legal climate has warmed up since then.

The group had hoped to “engage, inspire and empower women to make a difference!” To paint. along Fifth Avenue near Trump Tower, where Mayor Bill de Blasio had “Black Lives Matter” painted in the summer in a deeply unsubtle push on then-President Donald Trump. However, the group was open to other options including City Hall Park, 42nd Street near Times Square, and a section of FDR Drive near the Mayor’s Gracie Mansion home. When their motion was denied in July, they sued – and the process has dragged on since then.

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However, a federal judge in Manhattan ruled in de Blasio’s favor on Thursday, stating that he and his Department of Transportation had not violated Women for America First’s freedom of speech when they refused to give permission to paint the mural. The streets of the city, wrote the US District Judge Lorna Schofield in her judgment, are not subject to “message boards for private expression”, but rather to “reasonable, unobstructed restrictions”.

The judge refused to prevent the city from further decorating the streets with their sentiments, insisting that such a ban would constitute “serious, possibly unjustified restrictions on the government’s communication with the public.” Such communications appear to be one-way only.

It is not clear what the verdict reveals on de Blasio’s BLM mural, which went down in great gusto on July 9 – first in front of Trump Tower and later in Brooklyn, Harlem and Staten Island. Is it city politics now where Black Lives Matter is? De Blasio claimed the slogan rose above politics, but while the sentiment itself is undisputed enough to lose its political baggage, the meaning it developed in a summer of violence and racial bait is just the opposite. In any case, de Blasio didn’t interview the city to get a feel for the opinion of the population before injecting all that color into his tantrum against Trump.

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The mayor attempted to make up for his sad inability to contain an abusive (and yes racist) police force while acknowledging that he had failed to coherently punish the spoiled rioters who had repeatedly messed up and pacified the city for blacks life protest a bad name? De Blasio is a rare unified figure for the left and the right, who both detest him.

New Yorkers had plenty of time in the summer to ponder their mayor’s hug for BLM as it was the only social event that was allowed to happen all season. De Blasio essentially explained the Covid-19 kryptonite group, and it is believed that many New Yorkers who had never dealt with racism in the judiciary before suddenly found it within themselves to only care about their homes. Those who did so learned a valuable lesson – not about racism, but about political preference – and watched the seething crowds breathe on each other with the approval of the mayor’s office.

De Blasio’s government initially denied Women for America permission to paint the mural less than a month after the original painting appeared in front of Trump Tower. And while the pro-Trump group’s promotion was indeed a political stunt, it was tasteful, as much as such things can be tasteful – with a really harmless message that is unlikely to offend anyone (if it can be said to be an anti is) – women’s empowerment lobby in NYC, not very muscular).

So his attempt to refuse permission was only a sign of violence. De Blasio was emasculated by Governor Cuomo in Albany, who stole all the fame (and somehow compassion) when New York was showered with Covid-19, thanks in no small part to the governor’s own policies, and seized the little power at his disposal – the power to say “no” to this group of Trump-loving women, many of whom were from NYC and suffered from the mayor’s incompetence, as well as the cabin freak New Yorkers who marched on the streets. Rather than admitting his own political preference, he doubled his obsession with BLM and appointed police officers to guard the mural while the city’s crime rate skyrocketed.

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At first glance, the battle over Women for America First’s approval application appears to have grown stale and pointless in the six months since the lawsuit was filed. With Trump from the White House and de Blasio on the way out of the Gracie Mansion, bigger problems are sure to be on the table for NYC. Not only has life in the city not improved under his incompetent leadership, but a growing faction in the Democratic Party has sought the same first amendment that he so lightly put down and threatened fellow Congressmen to believe in “conspiracy theories” for they work trump, protest and other actions that were once protected under the umbrella of “freedom of speech”.

Women for America First may have accused de Blasio back in July of “not guaranteeing everyone equal protection under the Constitution,” but his party appears to have viewed this as a challenge. The rest of the country should think twice about following in de Blasio’s footsteps – unless they want to unite both parties against them.

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