Biden team to bring in outside contractors for White House deep clean costing $500,000 after multiple Covid-outbreaks in Trump orbit

The Biden team plans to do a deep cleanup of the White House at a cost of about half a million dollars after at least 53 people in President Trump’s inner orbit are diagnosed with Covid-19. Unlike in previous years, external companies were commissioned to carry out a large part of the cleaning process before the Biden administration moved in.

Federal contract data shows a governmental “2021 Inaugural Clean” for $ 127,000 conducted by Didlake of Virginia, $ 44,000 for carpet cleaning, and $ 115,000 for replacement and installation of “2021 Presidential Inauguration and Transition Carpet” to correct the current floor condition of selected interior floors for various offices, “writes CNN.

It costs $ 29,000 to clean the White House curtains, and it costs $ 53,000 to clean the paint and wallcovering. Garbage disposal and recycling is performed by a Maryland company for $ 37,975 “per amount of work related to the 2021 inauguration” under a government ordinance. Overtime pay for moving companies is $ 50,000.

In more typical circumstances, the approximately 100 White House staff perform the required cleaning and repair work in the six-hour window, from leaving the White House for the inauguration on Capitol Hill to later entering the building for the incoming President’s Day.

But after at least three outbreaks of Covid have occurred in the building, the Biden team is abandoning tradition and hiring outside help.

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“The idea that they would just move in seems unlikely,” an anonymous White House official told CNN, adding, “People tend to forget how big this building is.”

President Trump will not attend the inauguration and is scheduled to leave the day before January 19 to allow more time for cleaning and renovation between administrations. Mr. Biden will be staying at a Washington hotel the night before he takes office.

First Lady Melania Trump has been moving to Mar-a-Lago for two months while the president’s lawsuits persist against the election results.

White House boss Timothy Harleth, previously room manager at Trump International Hotel Washington, was hired by Melania Trump in June 2017 and has helped the Bidens prepare for their move in as the traditional meeting between current and future first ladies never takes place happened between Mrs. Trump and Dr. Jill Biden.

Previous administrations had extensive communications on the logistics of moving an administration out and in, but this time these discussions did not take place.

Whether President-elect Biden will be allowed to bring his Peloton exercise bike is unclear, as it is equipped with cameras and connects to the Internet, which could pose a security risk.

According to the Washington Post, Trump installed a $ 50,000 golf simulator in February 2019 to replace President Obama’s one. The TrackMan golf simulator installed by Mr Trump was also connected to the internet, which prompted the Secret Service to investigate it before it was taken to the White House.

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