Best Stencil Brushes for Painting –

Round and chubby stencil brushes have bristles that are carefully trimmed to create a blunt end. These specialty brushes are used to better apply paint through a stencil as they prevent paint from seeping under your stencil. Instead of brushing with grand gestures, typically tap or apply it with scrubbing motions, keeping the handle perpendicular to the work surface. These brushes are available in different sizes. So if you’re looking for your first one, be sure to take a kit with you to try different types.

1. Brush set of the Royal & Long Nickel Zen series

This is a comprehensive set of brushes that you’ll be happy to return to whether you choose a watercolor, acrylic paint, or inks. It includes five brushes – three stiff and two slightly less – made from a mixture of synthetic and natural hair. These are tough tools that won’t shed bristles quickly and scrape off paper without breaking through the wet surface. Each also contains enough water so that you can keep your brushwork evenly.

To buy:
Royal & Long Nickel Zen Series brush set

$ 16.35

2. Silver Brush Limited Stencil Brush Set

A short stencil brush gives you more control over your gestures. This set from Silver Brush offers high quality options. You will receive three brushes, each a different size, with bristles made from short, white pig hair that are neatly trimmed. The result is near-perfect flat and square platters that are great for dabbing and swirling paint. The size makes this fantastic for reaching even tight spaces.

To buy:
Silver Brush Limited stencil brush set

$ 9.47

3. Plaid Stencil Brush Set

This economical option has a variety of brushes that can be used specifically for acrylic paints. You will receive eight brushes, each with natural boar hair bristles and color-coded according to their size. The hair is quite stiff, so it is best to apply a gentle hand to avoid any uncomfortable flaking as well. While these brushes don’t have the same lifespan as most of our other picks, you get two of each size. Once one is worn out, you have a replacement right away.

To buy:
Plaid stencil brush set

$ 7.77

4. Brietis Premium Chalk Brush

This brush is designed for painting furniture, so it should be used with materials such as chalk paint, milk paint, or wax. With a two-inch diameter brush head, it’s ideal for painting large areas, so you can use it to paint wall stencils or designs on furniture you’re upcycling. The bristles are soft, high quality pig hair that can withstand rough handling. You can freely dab and mix paint without worrying about leaving strands in your work.

To buy:
Brietis Premium Chalk Brush

$ 11.97

5. da Vinci Graphic Design Series stencil brushes

Da Vinci’s brushes are tools for artists that can be used with almost any type of paint and on surfaces from canvas to textiles. Each is made from Chinese white pig hair that is rooted in a nickel ferrule, which keeps the bristles intact while you work. The wooden handles are made in Germany in an environmentally friendly process, which makes them pleasantly smooth to hold. These brushes are elegant and resilient and achieve clean and defined impressions.

To buy:
da Vinci Graphic Design Series Stencil Brush

$ 11.01

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