Best Kids’ Diamond-Painting Kits for a Hands-On, Sparkly Craft –

Get your shine up with a diamond painting kit. Diamond painting kits, the newest hobby craze kits, are a no-hassle, sparkling alternative to coloring books and paint by number. Like a canvas or coloring page for painting by numbers, diamond painting kits come with pre-made templates that you fill in with self-adhesive gemstones depending on the color. There are numerous formats to choose from: Your child can create dazzling figures or sparkling wall screens, shimmering dream catchers or dazzling table pictures. There are many kits on the market so make sure you make a good selection. Browse our roundup of the best diamond painting kits below.

1. Faber-Castell creativity for children Big Gem diamond painting

With 12 diamond art stickers and two diamond sun catchers, this kit combines two crafts in one. With magical motifs such as rainbows, unicorns, stars and dragons, this set contains more than 1,000 gemstones in rainbow colors. The self-adhesive surface of the stickers and sun catchers ensures glue-free application, and the all-in-one kit includes a plastic tray and pen for complete setup.

To buy:
Faber-Castell Creativity for Children Big Gem …

$ 14.99

2. Maydear Easy Diamond Painting Kits

A great choice for beginners and younger children, this diamond painting kit features pared-down designs in bright colors. Choose from a variety of canvases with compositions depicting every animal from a crocodile to a rabbit. Each canvas has a sticky, waterproof surface that allows for a glue-free gemstone application and a long-lasting hold. Recommended for ages four and up, this is a great option for a no-nonsense game.

To buy:
Maydear Easy Diamond Painting Kits

$ 14.99

3. Sinceroduct Diamond Painting Stickers Kits

For teachers looking for a classroom friendly kit, choose this animal themed sticker set. With 18 individual units per pack, there is a sticker for each student. Equipped with a pen and a compartment, this kit enables easy organization and gem application. The materials are made of environmentally friendly resin and are non-toxic and safe for children of all ages. Once the craft is complete, kids will love putting their hidden stickers on phones, laptops, computers, and notebooks.

To buy:
Sinceroduct Diamond-Painting Stickers Kits

$ 6.97

4. Homokea diamond painting for children

Another canvas with a beginner-friendly design, this template features an image of a unicorn with bold lines and wide, open spaces. Each diamond point is self-adhesive and the included applicator pen and tray complete the kit. Also suitable for young children, this kit is a simple, rewarding vehicle that gives a brilliant result.

To buy:
Homokea diamond painting for children

$ 12.99

5. ParNarZar Easy 3D diamond painting kit

Choose from canvases featuring animals from a turtle to a panda bear. Gemstones of various sizes add additional visual interest, and the included pen and tablet make gemstone application easy. The best part? This kit comes with an adjustable frame that can either be propped on a tabletop or hung on the wall so that you can choose how you want to enjoy your child’s finished product.

To buy:
ParNarZar Easy 3D diamond painting kit

$ 14.99

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