Best Hardboard and Wood Painting Panels for Artists –

A wooden board can look like a piece of wood. However, a quick stroke of the surface can immediately reveal the meticulous cutting and grinding processes in which a high quality panel should be invested. In fact, approach any wood panel product like stretched canvas and how the finish might affect your medium of choice. Our tips will help you narrow down your options.

1. US Art Supply birch wood color poured panels

These panels made of raw birch wood are super smooth and finely sanded. They come with a deep bracket – 3/4 inch to be precise – making them perfect for painting resin and acrylic as you don’t have to worry about sagging or warping. The sides are also flat so you can let your paint flow off the edges, but glue won’t ruin them either if you’d rather use tape to cover the sides. Robust and evenly finished, this is also a great option for burning wood or assembling works of art.

To buy:
US Art Supply birch wood color pouring plate …

$ 29.96

2. Woodpeckers Premium Baltic Birch plywood

This beautiful plywood made from extremely durable wood from Russia is an ideal choice for anyone who shapes wood. Each piece has a smooth and clean surface that cuts precisely and requires little sanding before use. Regardless of whether you operate a saw, a laser engraving machine or a CNC router, the material is split-resistant. it actually carves like a solid block of wood. Each piece shows consistent quality, without warping and with a few knots.

To buy:
Woodpeckers Premium Baltic Birch Plywood

$ 54.99

3. Juvale MDF board

These medium-density fibreboard are made from compressed wood fibers and are slightly denser than plywood. They are a very versatile material that can withstand moisture, heat and pressure. These are light brown, thin, and are easy to sand down to your preferred texture. You can use them for acrylic paints, encaustic painting, sign making, and miniature sculptures – the sky is the limit. Enjoy your creative process without worrying about kinking, warping, or accidentally breaking.

To buy:
Juvale MDF board

$ 14.99

4. Ampersand Art Supply wooden painting panel

If you’d prefer a pre-primed option, we recommend this well-crafted wood panel from Art Board experts Ampersand. The veneer is coated with a thin layer of white acrylic gesso and looks like canvas material, but offers a much stronger painting surface. There is a slight texture to it, but this is a relatively smooth plate (add your own gesso for more tooth). While it is an expensive product, it absorbs paint very well and can withstand heavy brush strokes without sagging or stretching. Because the sides are white and sleek, you can hang your finished masterpiece as it is.

To buy:
Ampersand Art Supply wooden painting panel

$ 20.69

5. Pro type hardboard panel

This board feels similar to highly compressed cardboard in that it is textured but has a bit of flexibility. Light and sleek, it’s a simple tool that can be used as a portable workstation for sketching and painting, and can be used as a mixing palette. It’s also a particularly effective plate for stretching watercolor paper because it doesn’t warp the surface to keep leaves from deforming and wrinkling.

To buy:
Pro type hardboard

$ 19.46

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