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Hake brushes are the perfect tools for painting large areas with even strokes. Traditional hake brushes are made with soft goat hair bristles that are sewn and glued into a long, wide wooden handle. They were originally used for sumi-e painting, but their fine, soft bristles and consistent application of moist media have made them a staple for painters and ceramic artists. These brushes hold ink, paint, glazes and water very well and are perfect for painting even washes, applying panties and glazes to ceramics, finishing and priming, and removing dust, crumbs of eraser and excess pencil. Buy a hake brush and before you know it it will be a tool in your artistic practice. Read below about the ones we like the most.

1. Creative Mark Hake brush set

If you’re a ceramic artist who loves applying panties and glazes using a variety of techniques, this set of hake brushes will soon be your favorite. The bristles are soft, thin white goat hair sewn onto high-quality wooden handles. They hold the glaze and apply it with ease. They can also serve as workhorse brushes, cleaning oven shelves, and molds. These brushes are great for painting washes and watercolor glazes, as well as for subtle blending. This set contains 1-inch, 2-inch, and 3-inch brushes with long, smooth handles that are comfortable to hold.

To buy:
Creative Mark Hake brush set

$ 10.28

2. Princeton Artist Hake Brush

This high-performance hake brush is made of fine, natural goat hair and high-quality wood. The soft bristles are attached to the handle made of natural wood with a high-quality aluminum clamp so that no bristles peel off your work of art. This 1 inch brush is ideal for painting washes, gluing, and priming canvases. It holds wet media well and treats large areas with minimal strokes. It works well for mixing and glazing paint, ink washes, and ceramic glazes.

To buy:
Princeton Artist Hake Brush

$ 8.62

3. Royal Brush Long Nickel Large brush set

This set of three hake brushes is extremely soft, completely natural and handmade. Fine goat hair bristles are hand sewn onto well-designed wooden handles. They are designed to withstand heavy use, making them ideal for students and busy artists. This set contains 1-inch, 2-inch, and 3-inch brushes that are perfect for painting washes, applying ceramic glazes, and priming canvases. The brushes hold the paint and distribute it evenly with minimal brush strokes. They work well with ceramic glazes, panties, and all kinds of paints. These eco-friendly brushes are safe and non-toxic, ideal for beginners and young artists.

To buy:
Royal Brush Long Nickel Large brush set

4. Creative Hobbies Hake Blender Brush

This hake brush is all natural and made from bamboo and soft sheep hair. The bristles and handle are 1 inch wide and designed so that the brush can be snapped apart to make smaller implements. The wide, flat handle lies comfortably in the hand and enables excellent control of wide, sweeping movements. The bristles contain a lot of color, and applying wash, glue and glaze ceramics is effortless. When dry, this is an excellent brush for removing eraser and pencil crumbs without smearing drawings. It works well with delicate handcrafted papers.

To buy:
Creative hobbies Hake Blender Brush

$ 6.95

5. Ron Ranson Extra Large Hake Watercolor & Acrylic Wash Brush

Ron Ranson popularized the use of hake brushes with his famous “quick and easy” watercolor painting techniques for expressionist and representational landscapes. This brush has been specially designed to Ranson’s high standards and is handcrafted in the UK. It is ideal for gluing and stretching paper as well as for applying washes and glazes with just a few strokes. This 2¼ inch brush has soft goat hair bristles and is also available in three smaller widths.

To buy:
Ron Ranson Extra Large Hake Watercolor & Acrylic …

$ 25.00

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