Best Chinese-Style Bamboo Brushes for Painting and Calligraphy –

The bamboo brush was made around 300 BC. Invented in China and originally intended exclusively for traditional calligraphy and ink painting. Together with the ink stone, the ink pen and Xuan On paper, these devices form the so-called “Four Treasures of Study”, a name that describes the tools required to create ink works. The brush is the oldest member of the Four Treasures group, and the oldest brush-painted artifacts are painted bones that date back to the Zhou Dynasty. Bamboo brush bristles are generally made from animal hair, and brushes used during imperial examinations are said to have been made with a strand of baby hair to bring good luck. Modern bamboo brushes are mostly made from white goat hair, black rabbit hair, yellow weasel hair, or a combination of the three. Over the years, bamboo brushes have become increasingly popular for general watercolor use, as well as for traditional ink and calligraphy painting. Bamboo brushes are available in many different brush tip sizes and set combinations. Whether you are in the market for a single product or a complete set, we have it all for you. Browse our roundup of the best bamboo brush options below.

1. Winsor & Newton Series 150 Bamboo Short Handle Brush

This high quality bamboo brush comes from the brands Winsor and Newton. This brush is a great tool for creating wet washes, smooth blended colors, and dry brush effects. It can be used for ink, calligraphy, and watercolor painting styles. Thanks to the secure plastic clamp, the brush has minimal bristle loss and the bamboo handle ensures a light hold.

To buy:
Winsor & Newton Series 150 bamboo short handle …

$ 7.14

2. UE STORE Professional Chinese Art Brush Set

If you are in the market for a multiple brush kit, choose this option. With a variety of eight brushes in different sizes, you can choose from the finest tools to thick round-tipped brushes. Each brush shaft is decorated with Chinese characters and has a leather strap at the end that you can use to hang it up to dry or display. As an added bonus, this set comes with a bamboo roll-up bag with fabric pouches to safely store and carry your tools.

To buy:
UE STORE Professional Chinese Art Brush Set

$ 21.90

3. Corciosy Chinese Calligraphy Brush Set

Educators looking for a fully featured kit at a reasonable price should pick this product. This option includes everything but the ink and not only comes with a set of nine traditional round, pointed brushes of various sizes, but also includes an oversized brush, a brush rest and a roll-up bamboo sleeve. Each brush is equipped with a light bamboo shaft and consists of natural bristles from weasels to wolves to goat hair.

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Corciosy Chinese Calligraphy Brush Set

$ 25.99

4. Easyou Hu Chinese Brush for calligraphy and sumi-e drawing

This high-quality, one-unit brush has a bamboo shaft decorated with Chinese characters and a practical loop at the end. The brush tip itself is made from pure goat hair that holds a tip well and spreads easily. Equipped with a brush stand, it is easy to keep this authentic Hu brush in good condition.

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Easyou Hu Chinese Brush for calligraphy and …

$ 9.99

5. Yasutomo bamboo calligraphy brush

If you’re looking to dig into drybrushing techniques, this stiff bristle brush is a great choice. The coarse bristles keep a sharp point and define a sharp line, and the bamboo shaft makes for a comfortable, tension-free grip. The small nib size is perfect for painting details, and the bristles hold paint and water well.

To buy:
Yasutomo bamboo calligraphy brush

$ 10.73

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