Best Cardstock for Painting, Drawing, and More –

Sometimes you need a heavier paper than what you can find in your inkjet printer. Perhaps you are planning a drawing with highly pigmented markers and don’t want to take the risk of blood circulation. or maybe you want to make a sign that won’t blow in the wind. Or maybe you are looking for a fun crafts project to start with your kids. Regardless of the reason, cardstock is a great alternative to paper on many occasions. From rainbow tones to bright white classics, find the best cardboard options by considering our picks below.

1. Darice 50-piece cardboard paper

This is the best paperboard that sits right in the middle of the ultra-heavy and classic letter weights. It weighs in at 65 pounds of cardboard, making it ideal for professional projects, structures that require the least amount of integral support, or a sign that promises no bleeding even from the heaviest of manufacturers. This pack contains 50 sheets, all bright white, with a standard letter size of 8.5 “by 11”.

To buy:
Darice 50-piece card paper

$ 12.48

2. Pacon Array cards

This stock of cards comes in a pack of 250 in 10 different colors. While this cardstock may be best for kids’ craft projects, it offers a little more stability than regular paper when you cut and build with it. The colors are all fun and the vibrant tones will delight you when you use these sheets for signs or announcements. This product is an easy way to enhance any craft project you start out on, regardless of your age.

To buy:
Pacon Array maps

$ 30.85

3. Neenah Astrobrights colored card stock

Many artists looking for paperboard want a range of hues that aren’t too general. This selection of 75 different sheets is just right for you with an 8.5 x 11 inch card stock in a range of 25 colors. Whether you’re looking for carnation pink, cornflower blue, or plain black, this selection has you covered.

To buy:
Neenah Astrobrights colored cardboard

$ 7.89

4. Crayola card stock

Why go for solid colors when you can get your hands on brightly printed samples? This box contains 25 sheets with different patterns, from rainbows to chevrons to polka dots, all of which have the same bright colors. While they may be too busy to write or paint on, they are ideal for home improvement that requires cut-out shapes or other projects in an elementary school classroom. As such, they are an excellent choice for both teachers and parents of young children.

To buy:
Crayola card stock

5. Neenah Cardstock

This cardboard choice is a professional option on most accounts as it is 90 pounds heavier than most. Each of the 300 bright white sheets measure 8.5 “by 11”. While the paper is particularly heavy, it can still be used in most inkjet and laser printers, and whether for printing or coloring, there is little to no risk of blood circulation.

To buy:
Neenah cardstock

$ 12.29

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