Basingstoke man intervenes twice after dogs were found panting in hot cars

A BASINGSTOKE man was shocked to see two incidents involving dogs in hot parking lots in the past two weeks.

Linzi Gladwell’s mother, 46, from Hatch Warren told The Gazette about two incidents when her partner, who wants to remain anonymous, found abandoned dogs in the parking lot of Aldi and Home Bargain.

The dogs were found in distress, panting and barking.

When Linzi’s partner approached the family of four who had shopped at the Aldi store in Brighton Hill at around 1 p.m. on Saturday, July 11th, he confronted them with leaving the cocker spaniel in the hot car.

The family responded by shrugging, jumping in their car, and driving off.

At 24 degrees Celsius, four car windows were only an inch open.

Linzi’s partner told The Gazette, “A lot of dog owners wouldn’t stand for this kind of nonsense.

“These people need to be trained and learned that it is not okay for them to leave their dogs in the car on hot days.”

The second time, Linzi’s partner visited Home Bargains on the afternoon of July 20 to find two older Chihuahuas panting in the back of the car.

“I parked and heard barking and went to the handicapped bay where the car was parked. All four windows were slightly open and the sun came in through the sunroof.

“I went to Home Bargains and had the manager send a Tannoy message telling the dog owner to get back to his car immediately.

“A gentleman in his eighties left the shop and I told him it was like a greenhouse and that he shouldn’t leave the dogs trapped in the car in the blazing heat.

“The dog owner was gone for about 20 minutes, arguing that he left them in the shade and that they would not overheat.

“I made him realize that it was best to leave the dogs at home instead of in a hot black car.

“To see this twice in two weeks, it’s shocking that people need to be trained,” he said.

Linzi said, “If my partner hadn’t intervened, the dogs would have been there for almost 45 minutes.

“It’s like people walking their dogs in the middle of the day when it’s hotter than the sidewalk in a Hades nightclub.”

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