Artist creates painting for Okolona Fire Department who saved son

Darryl Tucker loves to paint, from animals to movie scenes. But no one understood why he wanted to paint his fire station in the neighborhood.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – If you live in Okolona, ​​you’ve probably seen Darryl Tucker. When he’s not at work, he’s out in his front yard on Rangeland Road creating art.

“This is my studio,” said Tucker.

His pictures are eye-catching, created solely by his fingertips. When looking at any of his pieces, you will find it difficult to find a straight line.

“I flow a lot better with my fingers than my brush because it’s so restrictive,” Tucker said.

He stands outside, covered in yellow paint, and his wife and youngest son watch nearby. Even his cell phone is littered with his color palette, as vivid as the sun shining off his screen in the middle of the June heat.

“I paint outside because it’s relaxing,” he said. “I’m usually alone. I get a lot of people driving by, a lot of horns and people stop and come and talk to me, tell me what a good job I’m doing.”

Tucker often goes to Facebook Live for advice. One day in mid-May, his stream caught him receiving unexpected visitors.

Started with a finger painting of Sugar Shack on a 4’x5 ‘

Posted by Darryl M. Tucker on Saturday 15th May 2021

“In the corner of my eye, I see the red truck pull up in my yard,” said Tucker.

In the video you can see him smile as he says, “Oh, the fire truck is coming. You have people coming to see my painting!”

A group of firefighters working with the Okolona and Camp Taylor Fire Department walks up to Tucker and admires his rendition of the “Sugar Shack” from the Good Times show.

Then Tucker told them about his next idea.

“I was thinking of doing a painting of all of you with the fire truck in front of it,” he said, and asked if they would take it when it was finished.

Nobody understood why then. But this wasn’t the first time firefighters have been to Tucker’s house.

That was 17 years ago when Tucker’s youngest son Dominique stopped breathing after a serious fall.

“The fire department was the first to come out,” said Tucker. “One firefighter had my son, the other calmed me down because I was scared. I was really scared. I had tears in my eyes. He told me everything I had to hear to feel better, and I did very appreciated.”

Tucker has wanted to do something for her ever since. So he painted Okolona’s number 3 fire station and delivered it straight to the fire station last month.

He walked in days later and found his first painting of this size hanging on the wall.

“Don’t judge us for being crooked, okay?” the firefighters laughed.

“It fits perfectly, right there,” said Tucker.

The painting reminds the firefighters who live and work here of the run that saved Tucker’s family all those years ago.

“When we meet people, it’s usually the worst day of their lives. In order for the circle to come full circle 17 years later, I can’t tell you how grateful we are that this is hanging in our ward.” Kenny Amback, Okolonas said the assistant fire chief.

“You encouraged me, man. I really wanted to do something for all of you. So I’m glad you all enjoyed it, ”Tucker said.

You can follow Darryl Tucker and see more of his art on his Facebook page.

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