Artifya debuts artist Sophie Brussaux’s painting collection as NFT worth $66M in Toronto

Brussaux’s NFTs are expected to appeal to over 300,000 users and 30,000 customers / investors
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Dubai: Amid great fanfare, Artifya launched Sophie Brussaux’s socially committed art collection on March 31st at 1:00 p.m. with 13 paintings valued at 66 million US dollars. The project began with the auction of a painting called “2020 Vision” on the Clubhouse social media platform and the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

As proof of its success, the launch was followed by overwhelming traffic on the Artifya website, which led to a temporary stop in sales. The offer for Opensea is still open, however, and the pictures will be published weekly in the future. Due to the early response, the Brussaux NFTs are expected to involve more than 300,000 users and 30,000 customers / investors.

These images show Artifya’s innovative technology that “ages” NFTs over a period of nine years, which can be described as representative of the life cycle value of a work of art. A significant portion of the sales proceeds go to social causes and charities, including the Brussaux Arts Help Foundation, which obliges institutions to develop impactful projects and programs while using art as a vehicle for social change.

Sophie Brussaux, who is one of the leading voices in contemporary socially engaged art, believes this new technology-based model will empower artists and creative minds around the world. “I would like to thank the incredible partners who have supported me on this journey,” said Sophie, commenting on her first NFT start. “I’m very excited to be launching my first NFTs that use technology as the foundation for art and human experiences. The Artifya leadership team has championed this emerging arts ecosystem with unparalleled passion and dedication. “

Kamran Durrani, Artifya’s creative director, echoed the artist’s optimism about the convergence of art and technology. “Our team has been fortunate to work with hundreds of art projects and creators – from game companies and digital artists to musicians and professional athletes,” said Kamran. “There is increasing global recognition of the opportunities that NFTs can offer, particularly in the art world, and it shows in the response to this launch.”

The general acceptance of NFTs is also evident from mega-investors such as Mark Cuban and Accel Partners, who have recently entered this growing market. Formerly considered a fringe movement, NFTs now empower and inspire a new generation of artists by helping them monetize their creations through highly transparent and inclusive blockchain-based ecosystems. As the market for digital collectibles continues to boom, Dapper Labs, the startup behind the NBA Top Shot virtual trading card platform, recently rose to $ 2.4 billion.

According to Arab Whale, blockchain proponent and co-founder of Ethereum GeneSys, Khurram Shroff, NFTs represent the next evolutionary phase of both tangible and intangible art forms. “Creators, musicians, artists, influencers, and gamers around the world are diving headlong into NFTs. Every day, hundreds and thousands of new users discover, collect, curate, and trade NFTs in open marketplaces. In the past six months, the volume of transactions on NFT marketplaces has increased 100-fold, ”added Khurram.

Khurram Shroff, who is also a member of Artifya’s board of directors, is the brain behind Ethereum GeneSys, which supports Artifya’s unique value proposition in the NFT ecosystem. Thanks to the support of Ethereum GeneSys, Artifya offers the lowest transaction fees and code flexibility, which leaves room for constant NFT innovation.

“There is a growing consensus that the internet is still missing important building blocks. Digital mechanisms like NFTs will lead to a livelier, more egalitarian and open world economy. Artifya is creating a blueprint for these new opportunities, ”concluded Khurram.

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