Are you painting on a firm foundation?

Do you have the right foundation? No, we are not talking about starting your home. We’re talking about the right primer for your paint job.

Just as building on solid foundations is necessary for a good house or building, the right primer is often the first step in a successful and lasting paint job.

Now, not all paint jobs require priming, but some paint jobs benefit greatly from priming before the paint picks up.

Here are 4 situations where a primer is imperative:

Painting new surfaces. New drywall, newly flown over walls and bare wood require a primer. These surfaces absorb color due to their porous surfaces. Primer reduces the number of coats you need to achieve the finish you want.

Walls that are stained or dirty. You will often come across something in kitchens or bathrooms
stained walls. Grease, soap scum, or even water stains can make a wall look worn and dirty. After a good cleaning, using a good primer will ensure that the stains don’t fade into your new color and that you get the color and finish you want.

Painting over a dark color. If you’ve decided that your space needs a lighter color, a white primer is key to making sure your new color looks like the pattern you selected and doesn’t mix the color you selected and the previous color. This is especially true if you are not using any of our recommended Benjamin Moore® or Sherwin-Williams® colors.

Painting over an oil paint with a latex paint. In order for your latex paint to stick to the shiny oil paint, a primer is required. Remember, however, that primers are specific to latex or oil paints. Misuse can have catastrophic consequences!

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