Another German expressionist painting looted by Nazis to be returned to Jewish heirs and donated to the VMFA | Art & Museums

Max died in 1954 and his younger brother Ernst inherited his part of their parents’ estate. The current heirs are Ernst’s children. You have pledged to donate “Siblings” to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, which houses the rest of Ludwig and Rosy Fischer’s collection, over 200 pieces in total.

“Geschwister” is the third painting from Max’s part of the collection, which was probably lost or stolen by the Nazis and was salvaged by the fishermen and acquired by the VMFA through a gift purchase agreement. In 2016 the VMFA acquired a painting by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner from 1913 with the title “Sand Hills in Grünau”, which was returned to the Fischers by MoMA in 2015.

Most recently, the Fischers found another Kirchner painting from Max’s collection from 1916, entitled “Taunus Road” or “Autostrasse im Taunus”, which the Nazis regarded as lost or stolen. It was acquired by the VMFA as part of a gift purchase and can now be seen in the German Expressionist Gallery of the VMFA.

The painter of the siblings “Geschwister” Heckel was a founding member of the group Die Brücke. The 1913 painting is a portrait of the dancer Siddi Riha, who was to become Heckel’s wife and brother.

According to a spokesman for the museum, the VMFA is currently in contact with the German authorities regarding transport regulations. The VMFA plans to present the work to the VMFA Board of Trustees in mid-June and to present it publicly on or around June 16.

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