Albany Wiseman, artist and author of popular ‘teach yourself’ books on drawing and painting – obituary

Albany Wiseman, who died at the age of 90, was an artist and illustrator whose textbooks on technology have inspired many amateur artists.

Wiseman’s illustrative style was in great demand, and in the 1960s he and David Gentleman were hired to illustrate all of the UK’s telephone directories with landmarks for the various counties.

His charm and good humor, combined with his talent for communication, made him a popular teacher, and he was a regular artist in residence for summer courses, particularly at Arts in Provence.

This led to the production of the self-help books Drawing Solutions, Watercolor Solutions, Drawing and Painting People, and The Artist’s Sketchbook, for which the Prince of Wales wrote the introduction that Wiseman had taught the art of washing.

Albany Gordon Wiseman was born on August 24, 1930. At the St. Albans School, where he showed a gift for drawing and painting, he studied at the St. Albans School of Art. After that, he always had a sketchbook with him, which provided him with a large amount of material for his books and paintings .

His time in the national service with the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment he spent partly in Egypt, where he painted murals for the officers’ mess. Sketches he made at the time that reminded of the life of a squad are now in the National Army Museum.

After serving on the National Service, Wiseman entered the studio of his father, Charles Wiseman, an established advertising artist near St. Paul’s Cathedral, and took it over when his father retired. He also became a visiting professor at Leicester College of Art. His teaching technique has always been to find something positive about the most promising works and to share his own experiences and insights.

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