A painting by Carson Grubaugh earned third place in a competition

An oil painting by an art teacher at Shelton State Community College was recognized in an annual international competition that received 4,941 entries from artists from 83 countries.

Carson Grubaugh’s “Kyle” took third place in the portrait category of the Art Renewal Center’s salon competition. His painting will be part of a group exhibition shown in New York and Spain.

The ARC is a non-profit educational foundation that houses the largest online museum for representational art. According to Grubaugh, this is part of an effort to revive the kind of realistic art that has almost “disappeared into the world.”

Grubaugh was first featured on the ARC’s website and competition as a community college student in California at Modesto Junior College. The website’s high-resolution photos of realistic paintings served as a teaching aid, he said.

“When I was a student …” said Grubaugh, “I stumbled upon one such resource where, without having to fly to France, I could see a really clear picture better than you could ever get out of any of your resources. ” In textbooks, I could actually understand how a painting was made. ”

In the years since then, he has chosen not to apply because he felt that his work was “too strange or too timely” for this particular competition.

“Being a category winner is just cool,” said Grubaugh.

“Kyle” was one of three paintings Grubaugh had entered in this year’s salon competition that he least expected to attract their attention. The painting is named after a man Grubaugh rented a room from when he lived in California. “He’s a mysterious guy in the best possible way,” said Grubaugh. “I think that’s part of the success of the painting. The model has a certain personality that comes through. ”

The painting can be seen at www.artrenewal.org/15thARCSalon/Category/Portraiture.

His third place in the portrait category earned him a place in group exhibitions at Sotheby’s Auction House in New York and the European Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Grubaugh sees his performance as an opportunity to advance Shelton State’s arts department at a time when standard recruitment practices have been compromised. He was hired as a full-time employee in Shelton State last summer and moved from California to take the position. Therefore, he only knows the campus in connection with COVID-19.

The college has limited class participation as a COVID protocol, but Grubaugh said smaller class sizes are already a crucial part of the community college experience. His time as a student at Modesto Junior College enabled him to develop close relationships with art teachers, something he missed visiting larger institutions looking for a bachelor’s and master’s degree in fine arts.

There are approximately 50 art majors in Shelton State’s arts program. Until Grubaugh was hired, the department worked with a full-time teacher.

“[Grubaugh’s] The artistic talents and skills have enabled the college to expand its art offerings and enhance the students’ classroom experience, ”said Joye Jones, dean of Shelton State. “We are very fortunate to have someone with his or her accomplishments as a faculty member at Shelton State.”

You can find more information about the ARC competition at www.artrenewal.org/15thARCSalon/Home/Index.

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