5-Star Rated Painter, Idea Painting Company, Now Offering Epoxy Floor Installation For Garage And Basements in Medfield, MA – Press Release

Medfield, MA – The Idea Painting Company provides the highest quality arts and crafts in Medfield, MA. The company now offers the best of its many services Epoxy floor Installation for garages and basements with polyurea polyaspartic coatings in Massachusetts.

Installation, surface preparation and repair, base covering and peeling to completion are the four phases of the application process. The concrete floor coating system, manufactured with great precision and attention to detail, offers several advantages over other companies. The Idea Painting Company’s coating system is four times stronger than epoxy resin, is easy to clean, is non-slip, does not crack, peel or delaminate, it only takes a day to install and is available in a variety of colors and designs. Garage floors, verandas, terraces, driveways, sidewalks, basements, pool decks, wash basins, dirt traps and many other surfaces are also coated.

Idea Painting Company offers a wide range of services that enhance the appearance of clients’ homes or businesses, both inside and out. Commercial and residential painting, as well as interior and exterior painting, are all the services they provide. The best results are achieved by the experienced team, including removing the doors and drawers for masking, washing, sanding and priming. The highly skilled staff refurbish kitchen cabinets on a daily basis and the techniques used to ensure high quality finishes produce long lasting results. They also come to customers’ homes to see their cabinets, discuss color choices, and make accurate quotes as they are a local painting company.

The company is improving and providing quality services to potential customers. It provides pressure washing services in Massachusetts and uses a low pressure cleaning process that resembles rainfall when combined with appropriate chemicals. They provide top notch interior paints for every part of an individual’s home that needs painting, including bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, basements, walls and ceilings throughout the home. The professional team only paints by hand and never spray to devote themselves to quality. The company rarely hires subcontractors and can assure its customers that the local interior painters it hires adhere to the high quality standards.

Additionally, Idea Painting Company is a commercial painting company. They employ teams of trained and professional painters who offer premium painting at affordable prices. They are committed to every company they work with and they have a satisfaction guarantee for all potential clients to ensure that the project is completed to their satisfaction. Assisted Living, Automobiles, Churches and Synagogues, Condominiums, Education Buildings, Financial Buildings, Government Buildings, Healthcare Buildings, and Historic Buildings are just some of the areas they specialize in.

Idea Painting Company has helped several clients achieve their overall aesthetic goals and has received many positive reviews from previous clients. One of them described the services provided by saying, “The men who came to paint our house were very nice, extremely polite and professional. They worked hard and worked long hours. They did a great job, and so did we are happy with the result of the painting. I would use them again if necessary. “

Experience high quality painting jobs only at Idea Painting Company. The company is located at 93 West St Suite A2D. For inquiries, please contact the team at (855) 544-4335 or visit the team’s website for more information.

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