5 painting styles that are a must for the Hospitality Space

One of the biggest problems with redesigning hotels is choosing the right furnishings. Punit V. Sood, Co-Founder and Director of the Karabi Art Community, shares five must-have styles for the hospitality industry.

India is a nation known for its traditional and contemporary art forms. Paintings were and are an integral part of cultural diversity, particularly the nation’s art scenario. Over the years the interior design and decoration industry has seen a boom as people now prefer the seductive aesthetic presentation in their homes or even in the resorts where they travel.

However, one of the biggest problems with hotel redesign is choosing the right decor. It is these works of art that define your identity and create an aura about the arena. It is what the individual, the brand, their choices and preferences towards the outside world represent in an artistic way.

Painting: The most practical, budget-friendly way to design your workspace

Painting is one of the most accessible, visually pleasing art forms available at a great price. Spending money on art, especially paintings, is an investment for those who value creativity. You can spend as little and as much as you need for your budget and you will find some great masterpieces that will redesign your space.

We all invest a lot of time, money and effort renovating our homes to give them a cozy appearance. However, over the years people have focused on improving the aesthetics of their rented rooms / hotels.

Studies have shown, and experts around the world also advocate the fact that having a living living area not only enhances the spaces of visitors but also brings them closer to sanity. It also helps with inspiration and acts as a mood lift.

5 essential painting styles for your business area

Choosing the right art for the hotel sector is indeed a major challenge. However, we have provided you with a quick list of the 5 must-have painting styles that will decorate your walls and give them a colorful lining.

* Impressionist paintings

These are traditional art paintings from the 19th century. These are created with short, thick strokes of dark colors on a light background. The artists play with the natural light in such paintings and the interpretation is left to the audience. These are subtle works of art that embellish the simple surroundings with their color reflection images. During production, special care is taken to ensure that the shadows work when light is reflected on them, which radiates freshness. The best in this category are by famous painters like Jean-Louis Forain, Henri Gervex, and Walter Sickert, to name a few.

* Representative paintings

As the name suggests, they represent and convey a message. Inspired by real objects and sources, they show a strong message or teaching. They are an artist’s representation of real objects. This includes nature, especially landscapes, figures, animals, people, still life, historical and mythological, etc. These are simple, easy to recognize and visually appealing. Also known as figurative art, they elegantly add vibrancy and improve the aesthetics of the rented space. Claude Monet is one of those famous artists in this category of paintings.

* Mural

These are some of the oldest types of painting in the world of art. They are also known as cave paintings and show the early life of Homo Sapiens. They are the right balance between artistic creativity and realism with depth and thinking. These pieces usually represent human feelings and emotions through brush strokes and colors. Some historical and mythological works of art also fall into this category. Ajanta and Ellora are the best examples of such art in India. Works like Vishnudharmottara, Silpashastra, Manasollasa are other outstanding examples. Owning these parts in the workplace would represent the fact that the brand is rooted in and appreciating the way to initiate from the ground up and become a brand.

* Abstract art

Such images tend to be artistic and appealing visualization. This is art style free and the artists are free to use any color, shape, shape, inspiration. However, the resulting image is based entirely on the audience’s personal interpretation.

Arthur Dove, Pablo Picasso, and Paul Klee are some of the artists known for their abstract art images.

* Art images

This is the advanced version of modern art. While they seem simple, in reality they are the false artist’s representation of the real materials and surfaces like wood, marble, etc., by using the colors creatively. They decorate and beautify the appearance of the walls and the atmosphere of the place. It is available in different finishes and materials and is the perfect blend of contemporary design and traditional art.

Painting: Perfect idea for beautifying the work area

We spend a lot of our time traveling in hotels. Therefore, a warm and cozy interior is essential. The rejuvenation of the rented rooms / hotels with visually appealing décor is now increasingly on the agenda of companies, as our second home should be full of positive mood and energy. The artistic interior increases the interest of visitors, creates a positive mood, reduces stress, restores mental peace and has therapeutic effects. What is often not noticed, however, is that choosing the right art is indeed an art in itself, as the decor represents us, our brand image, our cultural philosophy, as well as our organizational vision and mission, and the selected masterpieces are in line with the points mentioned should .

While narrowing down the appropriate choices for wall decorations is difficult, it is also important. These 5 paintings are indeed a must-have for any hospitality renovation or even if you are decorating it from scratch!

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