4 signs it’s time for house painting in Shawnee Mission

When was the last time you painted your house? Although experts say that painting is a good rule of thumb every 5-10 years, you should be aware of the signs that you need to paint sooner.

If you’ve bought a home and aren’t sure when the house was last seen paint, these signs are even more important to look out for. You can protect and update your home with a new coat of paint!

Here are the top four signs it is time to start thinking about painting at home:

  1. Fading color
    Faded paint, whether inside or outside your home, is a sign to consider. Remember that darker colors always fade faster. When you have a shade like this, you may need to update the color on the outside of your home more often. Sunlight can even cause the color to change, making blues look gray and tans look pink. You want to make sure that the color you choose is of high quality to minimize the risk of an unexpected color change. Sunlight can bleach colors indoors or outdoors, making them look dated and worn. A fresh coat of paint repairs fading paint!
  2. Cracked or bubbly paint
    If you notice the paint doing any of the following to your interior or exterior, it’s time to find a painting company in Shawnee Mission: – Cracking
    – bubbling
    – Peeling
    – peel

    These are all signs that could indicate a moisture problem such as rot or mold. Harsh weather conditions such as direct sunlight and extreme humidity can further damage the paint. If these conditions are prevalent in your home, you may need to paint earlier than the 5-10 year mark. If you see mold or water marks, they should be rated by a good painter.

  3. When trying to sell your home
    If you are trying to sell your home, or planning to sell your home, painting is a huge benefit. Painting your home can add fresh exterior paint to the curb appeal and stand out from others that may have old, faded, or outdated paints.
    New paint gives a feeling of care and freshness that you cannot achieve with an old coat of paint. Hiring painters in Shawnee Mission is one of the best investments you can make when trying to sell your home.
  4. When the paint looks dirty
    Did you know that paint actually absorbs dirt over the years? This can make walls look grubby or dirty even though the paint itself is in decent condition. This dirt and debris can be so absorbed by the wall that it cannot be washed out. Fortunately, a home painter can fix this. Working with house painters at Mission Painting KC makes it easy to update your home and remove dirty walls. Even the most attractive colors can appear dingy as they age. Upgrading is easy, inexpensive, and can make your home look beautiful again.

    Working with a painting company not only allows you to update your home and prepare it for many years to sell or enjoy, but it also helps you fix underlying problems. Look for signs that your color is telling you something is wrong. The best house painters in Shawnee Mission can fix your peeling or cracked paint and help you figure out the source of the problem.

    What did you notice when it was time to paint your home? What new colors did you choose? Let us know!

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