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6 Signs That It's Time To Paint Your Home's Exterior

Mar 5

Nothing, not even your house's immaculate painting and finishing, stands the test of time. And there comes a time when its allure fades, begging for an aesthetic makeover. Your home's exterior painting, in particular, may require some TLC, as evidenced by the visually agitating telltale signs. This article contructed by our toronto house painting pros explains the obvious signs that your home requires exterior painting.


Signs That It's Time to Paint Your House


1. Exterior Stucco and Wood Damage

Because water, air, and termites do not have direct contact with painted wood and stucco, they are usually not vulnerable to the environment. However, take it as a practical indicator that you need to touch them up if they damage or their coating paints fade. Cracks in stucco or rotting on the edges or throughout the woodwork are common visible signs. If this is the case, you must assess the extent of the damage and plan for repainting to restore their original lustre.


2- Paint that is bubbling, cracked, or peeling

Bubbled and peeling wall paint can be aggravating, the toronto interior painting experts suggests you should think about replacing it. Remember that leaving it will expose your walls to mould and eventually lead to rotting and decay. You don't want to wait too long before your walls are breached, as the consequences could be irreversible. That's a clear indication that your walls require some much-needed TLC to restore their lustre and appeal.


3- Caulking Cracks

Cracked caulking is an eyesore, and while it degrades the aesthetics, it can still cause damage to your walls. Because caulking is on your doors and windows, moisture seeps in quickly, allowing mould to grow and eventually destroying your walls. Cracked caulks are an indication that you should repaint the exterior of your home, either in specific areas or throughout. However, simple caulk refills on cracked caulks will suffice.


4- Mold and Moisture Stains

Mold and moisture stains are obvious signs that your home's exterior needs to be updated. Worse, mould sightings aren't a friendly reminder that your walls are only slightly damaged, but the problem could be more serious. As a result, a professional can examine and advise on the proper way to top off paint. Cleaning the mould comes before repainting, which you should be familiar with. Gold Painters which is one of the best painting companies in toronto insists if you can remove the mould or stains with a simple wipe, a new colour coat may be necessary.


5- Colors That Fade

The sun, rain, and snow have an uncanny ability to fade the exterior paints on your house over time. You'll notice that the east and west sides of your house are more affected than the opposite, which can be upsetting. If this is the case, your exterior paint is compromised and is not effectively protecting your walls and wood.
As a result, it is prudent to act quickly by repainting your home's exterior so that it does not appear beaten and old.
That will undoubtedly improve the aesthetics of your home while also protecting it better.


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