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Jan 3

Your garage is probably the last room you'll think to paint when it comes to painting your house. Toronto Home Painters understands it makes sense because the garage is typically only used for its intended purpose. It serves as a parking lot for vehicles, a place to put seasonal things, tools, and other stuff that aren't exactly sure where to be kept. However, the paint kind and colour you select for your garage is quite significant! Before choosing any type and colour of paint, there are a few things to think about.



Toronto Home Painters suggests you should first consider how you will use the area. Do you spend time there working on various projects, or is it just a storage area? Do you keep your cars parked inside? Or do you utilise your garage for additional purposes, such as a home gym or an additional room? When selecting the ideal paint colour and finish, keep all of these elements in mind.



White or beige are wonderful options if you use your garage mostly for storing things. These hues maintain the neat and practical appearance of your garage. These traditional neutral tones can create a perfect backdrop for color-coded bins, various styles of shelving, and cabinets, and can make it simpler to find items if you have a strong organisational system in place.

Bright white, however, might not be the greatest option per Toronto Home Painters if you use your garage more as a workstation or to park and work on your automobiles, as it clearly displays every last bit of dust and grime. In this situation, a slightly deeper neutral, like grey or tan, is the best choice. If you spend a lot of time working in your garage, these colours will assist to disguise dirt and scuff marks a little better and provide a little more aesthetic appeal to the space.

You may now employ colour a little more creatively if you use your garage as an addition to your living area. Since most garages don't have a lot of natural light, you should pick colours that make the room appear a little brighter, whether it's a gaming room, a home gym, or just a place to hang out. To make the space feel a little cosier, think about using softer blues or greens, or white with warmer overtones of yellow or blush.



When selecting the proper type of paint, the state of your garage is crucial. What kind of surface you are working with should be your first consideration. There are some garages that are not entirely finished with drywall and insulation, therefore each garage may have a different type of surface. You can probably get away with using the same traditional water-based interior paint you use throughout the rest of your home if you have drywall or concrete. However, you might need to use an oil-based paint if your surfaces are made of metal.

Additionally Toronto House Painting pros know that crucial factors include the room's temperature and humidity. You can use ordinary interior paint on the walls of your garage if the environment is controlled. To make it more mold-resistant, seek for paint with a mildewcide component if your garage is not insulated or is more likely to experience increased humidity.

Last but not least, Toronto House Painting experts recommend considering durability. A semi-gloss or gloss surface can be a better option if you use your area for storage, as an office, or to park your vehicles. This goes back to how you use your space. These finishes are harder and more durable, easier to clean, and more resistant to scuffs, marks, and dampness, even if they reflect light and may highlight flaws on your walls a little more. A more matte, eggshell, or satin finish, on the other hand, will do a better job of masking flaws and absorbing more light if your garage serves more as a living area than a workspace.


Considering remodelling your garage? Whether you just need some minor touch-ups or are thinking of giving your garage a whole makeover, Gold Painters is here to help. We are Toronto Home Painters can assist you in selecting the ideal paint colour and kind for your garage, and we'll have your newly painted room ready for you in no time! Request your free, no-obligation estimate today to get going!