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Dec 21

Painting the interior of your house can be a difficult task, especially if you want to complete it all at once. That's why contacting Toronto Home Painters would be a good choice. Naturally, a lot of people have inquiries regarding it. Specifically, how frequently should your home be painted?

There isn't just one official response, though. Considerations include wear and tear, frequency of use, and purpose of the rooms, among other things. High usage sections will probably need to be painted more frequently than other parts of the room, while other areas may last for years without needing to be replaced. Of course, there are instances when it will depend solely on your decor preferences; you can decide to refresh some areas more frequently than others.



While it varies from room to room, a paint job can typically last between 5 and 10 years when done with the right paint and prep work. The most "lived in" areas, however, will need paint updates more frequently.


Since adult bedrooms are often not the most used rooms in the house, they won't need to be painted as frequently. Because they aren't in high-traffic areas, nobody frequently bumps into or touches the walls there. As a result, paint jobs in conventional bedrooms can often last five years or longer.

Toronto in Home Painters suggests the situation in kids' rooms is different. Since they frequently serve as playrooms for multiple kids, they see a lot more action. The walls are more prone to become soiled or damaged during playing because of all the activity going on. To ensure the paint lasts as long as possible in a child's room, choose a finish that is extremely durable, such as eggshell or even a pearl or satin shine. Even if you use a lasting paint, the walls may need to be cleaned more frequently, so you might need to repaint after three to four years or even sooner.


Because formal living rooms and dining rooms aren't utilised frequently, Toronto Interior Painters realize the paint has a tendency to endure a little longer in these spaces than in others. Additionally, the furniture in these spaces is more abundant, which naturally serves as a barrier to prevent people from touching the walls. Repainting these areas is more likely to be done for aesthetic reasons than to cover up damage because you feel it's time to update the look of the room. These areas typically last 5-7 years, although they could last even longer.


Since the kitchen is supposedly the centre of the house, it is usually a very bustling room. They endure a lot of wear and tear because of everything that happens in a kitchen. In the kitchen, where people frequently congregate, they are probably bumping into and touching the walls more frequently than in other areas.

Kitchen walls also tend to get dirty more easily-cooking splatters, grease, and food prep often mean you have to wash the walls more often, which can have an effect on how long your paint lasts. Even if you use the most durable paint finishes available, kitchens will need to be painted more often than other rooms in your home. On average, they should be repainted every 3-4 years.


Bathrooms are another place that gets a lot of use. Reiterating the previous point, people are more likely to touch the walls in a smaller bathroom or powder room. But the primary problem with bathrooms is moisture and humidity, which can shorten the lifespan of your paint. In bathrooms and other high-humidity locations like laundry rooms, you'll often need to repaint every three to four years.

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