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Dec 11

Painting is the ideal summer project, and we'll go through the key reasons why, if you want to get some exterior work done this summer to revitalise both you and your property.

Your property will get a facelift, add significant curb appeal, and feel like new with exterior house paint. In order to avoid any blunders that could make your exterior look less than flawless, make sure to leave the painting project in the hands of the specialists. Giving your home a total makeover without hassle, headaches, or concerns will be simpler than ever with Gold Painters exterior house painting services. Count on a group of exterior painting experts with plenty of experience to produce the best results and a finished project you can be proud of.

Here are some suggestions on "what's hot" in colour trends to spark your imagination if you're ready to hire expert home painters to begin your home painting project.


Advantages of Summertime Painting

You might believe spring or fall are more appropriate seasons for a significant painting project because doing an exterior house project on those hot days doesn't sound ideal. The issue is that the weather in spring and fall can be highly unpredictable.

Only a dry surface can be painted. Additionally, you have to wait at least a day after a significant downpour before painting the exterior of your property. Even while it feels dry to the touch, a surface may actually be wet underneath, which could lead to problems later. This is something that expert exterior painters are aware of, and they can help you choose the optimum hours and days to paint.

On a sunny day, moisture evaporation can have a negative impact on the drying of paint. Fortunately, there are plenty of dry days during the summer to swiftly dry up any unwelcome moisture. But watch out for nocturnal dew formation. An expert exterior house painter is aware that they shouldn't handle the brush until their palette is completely dry.

The cold is the number one enemy of outside paint. The widest window for ideal temperatures is available throughout the summer. 50 degrees Fahrenheit was the bare minimum temperature required for the paint to cure effectively during the height of external painting. Thanks to technological advancements, the typical cutoff line for the majority of paints today is 40 degrees. Some can dry without problems in temperatures as low as 35 degrees.

This means that, for those of you who live in the northern U.S. and southern Canada, you can theoretically wait until November to finish your work before the cold weather arrives. You might be able to extend this into December, southern birds. The greatest time to paint a house's exterior is during the summer because bad weather doesn't follow your schedule.

Summer is the best season for painting because of the ideal weather. Exterior paint cures at the right rate thanks to the comfortable weather. To protect against decay from winter water damage, paint early in the season. As a result, your exterior paint will have a finish that improves its quality and durability.

All that's left to do now is think of some creative summer painting ideas! Contact the t


Here are some popular exterior paint colours for homes.

Manufacturers of paint make every effort to remain a few steps ahead of developing trends. The popular modern colours were first introduced to consumers 12 to 18 months ago. The greatest paint companies are well-stocked with a wide variety of cutting-edge paint colour concepts, so when it's time to innovate, they're ready to go.

"Nature" and "neutral" hues are the trends for 2019. Consider earthy blues, light greens, and off-whites when planning your summer home design.

The appropriate colours can make favourable regions stand out and detract from unattractive ones. Stick to neutral hues with the occasional vivid accent if you intend to sell your home in the coming years.

Colors drawn from nature effortlessly meld your home's inside and outside. Take inspiration from the colours within your house and use them outside. For new visitors, the result will be a smooth and welcoming adjustment.


Best House Exterior Paint Colors

The summer 2019 colour trends are soothing to the eyes and comforting to the soul. The beauty of nature have been dumped into a paint bucket and are ready to be harvested. Different hues have different calming effects on people. These soothing, easily absorbed colours that are derived from natural ingredients relieve tension.


Neutral Taupe

Choose a bold neutral paint colour for the exterior of your house, like khaki or beige. As brownish/taupe colours are becoming more popular, they are also the ideal substitute for contemporary greys that are more frequently used.

While allowing contrasting accents or decor to stand out against the attention-grabbing colour, a lovely neutral can be strong and striking. Consider your external accents creatively right now. Consider painting the trim a deep, sweeping blue or contrasting the windows with a bright white. Grab those tall plants from the garden centre that you've been eyeing for exuberant greenery to contrast with your muted colour scheme.

Nature Greens

Green colours with a natural vibe make your house feel like a getaway, especially if you live in the suburbs. Being enveloped in nature might feel protective when wearing an organic olive-green.

Olive green is a colour that has recently been popular across the country and has now entered the home exterior market. Why not, then? These hues embody all the emotions you want your family home to have: calm, attractive, and welcome.

By adding beige trim, accents, or décor to a green façade, you can combine the two aforementioned trends.

Ocean Blues

Watery colors are distinctive enough to distinguish your home from others on the neighborhood without being overly vivid or flamboyant. The attention-grabbing undertones of these hues have the ability to draw attention, yet they are also endearing and traditional at the same time.


The summer is the ideal time to let the neighbors know that your house is still standing and well. A properly cured coat of exterior paint exudes positive energy. It's a terrific technique to prevent the rot of winter weather on your siding and trim. Are you attracted to each of these possibilities, but you can't decide one is best for you? Or perhaps you're stressing out over all the available colours and which one will make the ideal exterior paint for your property. Services for colour consultation are available from Toronto Home Painters. You'll spend time with a specialist who will listen to your ideas and your vision for your home and work to reflect that in the paint colours you choose.

Gold Painters are aware of how busy you are in thesummer and how much fun you want to fit in. While you enjoy your summer days, let children paint. Hey, you can't paint a house, run a BBQ, and play with your kids all at once. In the summer, Toronto House Painting is pleased to serve as an extra pair of hands for you. Contact us at 416-458-6233 to request a free painting estimate.