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How to Clean Your Wooden Deck [Step-By-Step Guide]

Oct 24

Decking is an excellent option for your backyard - but it should be maintained clean, fresh, and free of algae and mold! In this article, we'll show you how to clean your deck space, use a pressure wash to remove dirt and algae, mold, and dirt, and seal the deck for protection over the long Following this tutorial. Following this tutorial, it is possible to keep your deck looking stunning all summer.


Step 1. Prepare and Clear the Area

Deck cleaning is a necessary and pleasant task, but it can be an issue if you don't know how to complete it correctly. Follow these steps, and you'll have your deck like the deck maintenance Charleston SC pro in the blink of an eye! Clear the area around your deck or patio. This makes it easier to wash. After that, clear any debris or leaves in the area and clean it up by vacuuming or sweeping it. After that, clean any dirt or debris that has accumulated in the area and pile it into the form of a pile. Then, dispose of it properly. Enjoy your clean-up!


Step 2: Use a Pressure Washer or Hose

The next step is focused on using a garden hose r a pressure washer to remove grime and dirt. To clean the most dirt possible, you should aim the sprayer toward the areas that are heavily soiled. You could use the pipe for more extensive areas, such as railings or steps. Pressure washers are utilized for smaller areas. This is particularly important for those using a pressure washer. If the pressure washer is used too close to the wood, it may cause damage to the wood that makes it hard to clean or treat. However, a pressure washer is the most efficient method to clean decks since it can quickly eliminate dirt leaves, debris, and other leaves. Get a professional pressure washer If you're unsure how to safely operate an electric pressure washer.


Step 3: Rinse the area with a mild cleaning solution

To remove any residue to be removed, you can use a mild cleaning solution that is safe for wood. Next, sprinkle some liquid dish soap onto the cloth and wet it. Apply the cleaning solution onto the cloth. Work the cloth in a circular motion to remove any dirt and stains. After that, wash the patio thoroughly with clean water until all the dirt and stains have gone.


Step 4: Treat Mold and Algae

It is necessary to maintain your deck at its best . It's also essential to keep it free from mold, mildew, and algae. Mold and algae can damage the deck's surface causing wood and health problFirsFirst,check for signs of algae and to get your deck clean mold. To get your deck clean, If you spot any, you must act quickly! Many products can be used to eliminate algae and mold; however; you must choose the appropriate one for the Charleston deck surface. A cleaner for algae and mold is recommended for deck cleaning in Charleston, SC. Maintain your deck looking nice by cleaning it regularly, and don't forget to contact us if you have any deck cleaning Charleston SC questions!


Step 5: Seal the Deck

Seal your deck with a deck-specific sealant. Apply a protective coating over the sealant to complete the task. Be sure to give at least eight hours for the sealants to fully be set before you can use your deck - and enjoy your clean deck!




This deck cleaning Charleston SC guide will help you clean your deck like an professional! This guide will show you how to prepare and clear the deck for pressure washing or a hose, scrub and clean it using an easy cleaning solution finish by sealing the deck, then take care to clean it. Be sure to follow the guidelines to get the best outcomes. If you have any comments or ask questions in the box below. We'd like to hear from our readers!

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