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Professional Kitchen Wood Refinishing Services

Oct 21

Your Oakville, Burlington and Hamilton Interior Wood Refinishing Professionals. 

These days, it seems like there are more and more threats to our homes. From dirt and grime to splintering, scratches, and fading, your home can suffer from a variety of different problems. Luckily for you, we offer professional refinishing services for your kitchen. Our refinishers specialize in removing old layers of paint or varnish and giving your kitchen a new coat.


All wood furniture these days is finished. That means that as part of its final assembly or installation, it gets a special coating that helps it take on its final color, as well as helps to protect it from the elements.

This can range from a varnish, a form of lacquer, or a coat of paint. Over time, these coats will need to be reapplied, repainted, or in some cases removed entirely and reapplied. This is called refinishing, and is an integral part of your home maintenance.


Here at Visions Painting and Stucco we can refinish your interior, returning the lustre to your wooden staircases, cabinets, and stairwells.

Whether your cabinets need to be painted or stained to match the kitchen, or your hardwood stairs have begun to lose their shine to scuffs and scratches, we can provide them with a fresh coat of paint or stain to restore their appearance. Our wood finishing services can restore your wood to its natural beauty.
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