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Close more clients with 1 sales meeting follow up automation | GoHighLevel Tutorial

Aug 29
Hey guys. Alright, so in this video, we're going to discuss the meeting status update form. So inside the snapshot, we filled this thing called the meeting status update form. 
The way it works, is it triggers when a meeting is booked from a prospective client or a patient depending on the niche. 
Then the calendar does its thing where it sends out the reminders, notifications, and so on, and so forth, leading up to the appointment. 
Now at the time of the appointment, it sends out a message saying, here's a link to update the client meeting status update. 
This is going to the user who the meeting is booked with. So when you click on this, it opens up a form like this where it pre-populates the information of the person who booked the appointment with you and gets all of that. Now there are a few things that you as a user need to fill out. 
Now you can do this at the time of the meeting as the meeting is going on and or after whenever you choose to do so. 
Right? So the way we use it in-house is when a meeting's happening, this is open on the side, we're taking our internal notes right here. 
You know, whatever you want, whatever the conversation is going on. 
So you can save anything, any, any sort of recap notes that you need to, you know, things you may need to email back or what we discussed and things like all of those can then be we typed in here, You know, for example, hey, I'll send you a quote for X. Y. Z. 
And here's the link for this funnel or that funnel whatever that case, right? 
So you can type in all of that way nothing gets missed. 
And more importantly, if there is some sort of a sold value that you want to associate with that this customer is worth $500 to me, $5000 to me, whatever the case is, you can put that in here and it updates on the dashboard. And finally, you select one of these statuses. 
Now, these statuses can obviously be updated and changed to whatever the sales flow of the particular business is. But we've put together some of the generic statuses that are needed by almost every business. So even if he didn't change it. These should apply. Was a meeting a show or a no-show. What did we sell something? Are they not interested or are they unqualified leads? Was this spam or you know, we were unable to contact them for whatever reason or we just contacted them, but nothing happens? 
Right. So these statuses are there And then conversation recap notes. 
as I explained and train any recap notes that you want to send to the customer as well. 
And then finally decide whether you want to send an email with the conversation recap notes or you want to send an email with without the conversation recap notes. 
So once you decide that was one of the other emails goes out and sometimes you may have a follow up dating, you know the customers talking to you and they're like hey you know what, yeah I'm interested but let's talk in two weeks and then we'll figure it out. 
Then you can come in here and choose a follow-up date of two weeks later or whenever and then update the meeting status. 
And based on all of these choices, it's gonna move the pipeline inside. It's gonna add in the appropriate notes. 
It's gonna send an after-the-meeting email to your customer that you had a meeting with, simply thanking them. 

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