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Pinup Haircuts: The Middy Cut

Aug 4


The type of haircut that is popular among pinups is the Middy cut. It is a favorite among pinups since it's the ideal cut for vintage curls. A U-shaped cut is the Middy cut consists of precise layers that aren't designed to be washed and put into curls. A Middy cut is less slender than modern ones, and it can cause hair that has not been set to look a little saggy.

Middy cut

The Middy cut, which is often referred to in pinup circles as being the "perfect cut" and is an exact U-shaped hairstyle. Unlike modern cuts, the layers of this cut aren't intended to be set or washed as they may appear unruly if they are not properly set. For hair that is styled in a vintage fashion Middy cuts are well-known. However, the rounded, layering style is not for everyone.

The Pinup Studio offers three haircut lengths. The Baby cut, which is only three inches in length is the shortest of the four. This hairstyle has layers and the effect of framing your face, and is reminiscent like a Marilyn Monroe bob. The Long Middy hairstyle, on the other hand, is a bit longer than the other three styles, and features a striking "U" shape.

Middy cut with texture

The famous Middy cut with its U-shape and distinct pinup style, is a classic pinup style. It was also the perfect cut for vintage curl sets. The layers are blunt and won't get ruined like modern cuts, which can make your hair look sloppy or unstyled. There are many ways to style your hair in order to get the look you're looking for. The following charts are of the 1940s Hairstyles book written by Daniela Turudich.

There are four primary styles. The Baby haircut is about 3 inches in length. It has face-framing layers as well as the Marilyn Monroe bob style. The Long Middy features six layers and an imposing "U" shape. The Long Middy has a longer hair length than the other three styles. The Long Middy is the most popular among pinups but is more expensive than the other three.

Middy Cut with Dimensional Hand Painting

The "perfect" pinup hairstyle is the middy cut. It is a combination of layers of old-fashioned curls in an exact cut. It is sometimes referred to as "perfect," because it is not intended to be cleaned and set into curls. Cuts made with middy are less sharp than contemporary cuts and that means they appear saggy if they are not properly set. A pinup who has never had their hair cut has likely wondered what the distinction is between a middy cut and a modern cut.

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