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Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel – Which Should You Do First?

Jul 30

You can only remodel one area at once: your kitchen or bathroom. What are the steps to decide on the best option? We've compiled a list of three important elements to help narrow down your choices.


Massachusetts bathroom remodeling has the highest percentage of kitchens and bathrooms. Both offer a high return on investment, and there's a reason for that. The renovations can yield an immediate 70- 80% of your investment in the Massachusetts region. What should you consider when deciding what areas of your house need to be renovated? Here are a few points to keep in mind before making a choice.

If you're renovating, what's the best thing to do? You First Do?

Cost is the first factor You must consider

Bathroom remodeling Massachusetts costs are often lower than kitchen remodeling costs for similar square footage and if the fixtures and finishes are identical in quality. Whatever the budget for your remodels, make sure you know this when making your decisions.


Current cost considerations include interest rates. Low-interest rates have led to lending institutions making more money for remodeling projects. It could be that you decide that the kitchen should be completed first. The bathroom could then be left to. It could be more affordable, to begin with, the bathroom, especially if you are on a budget.



You must weigh the cost savings you'll make over the long term when deciding whether to go with remodeling your bathroom or a kitchen remodel. A kitchen will provide an increase in return on investment. Kitchen remodeling projects typically yield between 60% and 80% based on the project size.


The lower the amount you can get back from a remodel, the more difficult it is. When a renovation is required and involves having walls removed or pipes relocated which can increase the cost. The redesign could significantly impact the quality of living and the return on your investment in the new house you purchase.


It's possible to recover roughly 60% of the cost of a large bathroom and kitchen renovations as soon as they are completed. Kitchen remodeling generates around 80%, while bathroom remodeling in Massachusetts is about 70 70%.


While the recouped expenses of both areas are comparable, the kitchen remodel is often the most effective choice if you're most concerned with immediate resales value and is most likely to make the biggest impression on potential purchasers.



Another important consideration is practicality when you're remodeling your bathroom or kitchen. Your life will be disrupted if you decide to modify your home. Think about which area of your house you would prefer not to leave for the duration of time that our teams will be in your house.


If, for instance, you only have one bathroom, you could decide to begin by putting the kitchen in. There are ways to set up showers for a short duration; however, in the majority of situations, the toilet can be altered every day to ensure that it is usable. There are methods to install portable showers, however, the space will not be accessible throughout the day. This is why you must consider this when making a decision. On the other hand it is possible to remodel one bathroom. Might not be too difficult If you have multiple bathrooms.



It's not easy to design your kitchen. Also, you'll need to think about the time of year. If you've got an indoor space or basement where you can put up temporary kitchens, the time of the year isn't as much. In the summer, a redesign may be required if can access a patio that is covered or a grilling area.



Consider these aspects while selecting a kitchen and bathroom remodeling Massachusetts. Timeliness is another factor. Kitchen remodels take longer than bathroom renovations. You may want to think about a simpler task that doesn't require extensive renovations to the plumbing or major floor modifications if you have a tight constraint.


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