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We offer emergency care for oriental rugs

May 20

We offer emergency care for oriental rugs

The value of a quality Oriental Rug Cleaning in Arlington VA will not go out of fashion. However, Persian and Turkish handcrafted rugs are expensive and will only get more beautiful over time. If you're a passionate fan of textile arts and are familiar with high-quality dyes, fibers, and patterns, you will not be bored admiring Oriental carpets in your living rooms or bedrooms. Because the carpet was originally made to offer high levels of comfort, the dense fibers trap heat in the floor. This makes them ideal for those living in cooler regions. These fibers can also trap sound vibrations, which prevents them from reverberating off the walls. This allows for incredible comfort and style without sacrificing your home's aesthetic. What if these same fibers are stained by coffee spills or urine from pets? While some stains can be removed with a few home remedies, others are more difficult to remove. Carpets that have bleeding or running dyes may not be able to be cleaned with water.

It is best for you to call in the professionals if you have a coffee spill on your Persian or Turkish rug. Let us assess your carpet and get in touch as soon as possible after you notice the stain. Sometimes, we might need to use dry cleaning solutions or pull out the heavy artillery. Other times, regular steam cleaning can suffice. If you are unsure, it is better to rely on professional carpet cleaners than try to guess.

Let us now take a look to see if there are any spillage methods that you could use on Oriental carpets.

How to Handle Fresh Liquid Spills

You will need to cover your carpets with fresh coffee, juice stains, red wines, and coolaid spillages. You can use a towel to blot any stains that are still fresh. The better chances you have of restoring the carpet to its original condition, the sooner you can get rid of most of it. It may be worth using paper towels. It may be worth looking at the substance that has been embedded in the fibers to determine if water might help it dissolve and remove it. You should avoid pouring more water on the carpet. Some area rugs come in running colors. This means that you might see precious colors bleed onto the flooring. Make sure you read the manufacturer's instructions before you do anything. This will allow you to know what is allowed and prohibited in terms of cleaning or maintenance. A general rule of thumb is not to let a carpet get wet.

It is possible for Oriental carpets to remain dry without any significant damage. However, it is best not to get them wetter than necessary. You can use your patio to elevate the carpet or run a fan overnight to speed up the drying process. If the stains remain after the carpet has dried, it is a good idea to schedule an appointment with an expert cleaner who will take care of the problem using professional tools.


How to Get Rid of Pet Waste Stains

The trick is to be there for it when it happens.

  • Grab a piece of paper towel and begin to blot the urine. Do not forget that dog urine is usually acidic. Just think about the yellow staining in the yard.
  • A urine stain left on Oriental carpets made of wool is likely to cause color and pattern fade, leave yellowish, whitish stains, or just make the carpet look messy. A urine stain can be dealt with quickly.
  • Allow the carpet to sit for at least 30 minutes before you apply a mixture of white vinegar (make certain it is distilled) with water. This should help reduce the amount of urine and remove the stain. You should contact an expert carpet cleaner to prevent further damage to your carpet.

If you have any urgent care needs, please contact our customer support. We can provide our expertise, speed, and low prices.


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