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3 Ways to Create More Space Without Adding Square Footage

May 8


Space is a crucial factor when it comes to the home you live in. Maybe you're looking to add an extra bedroom or home office. Or you've recently retired and now have more time, you'd like to have a specific area to host a party for your guests. There are many options available to accommodate your needs. Although a home addition can increase the space available, it can also cost a lot. These are three alternatives to creating more space in your house without increasing the square footage. It's incredible how much space you have in your walls. Remodeling contractors in Phoenix are in demand.

Complete your basement and attic

A basement that is finished or an attic garage can be a great alternative to building an addition. The foundation and roof are two of the most costly components of an expansion to your house. Both are already installed in the area where you live. If you have a large basement that is not finished and has enough space to move around in comfort and be able to convert it to a brand new living area. There are many options for an area like this after the basement is completed. A family entertainment area or a playroom for grandchildren or kids, as well as a downstairs gym, are just a few ideas you can start with.


It is possible to look up at your attic even if you don't have a basement. While it might not appear like much, if the attic has access via stairs, you may just find the perfect solution for your desire to have a home office or additional bedroom. These rooms could add lots of square footage to your home, since they are equipped with all the required walls as well as floors, roofs and flooring. Although finishing a room may not be the same as building an addition to your home for security reasons, in order to make sure that these structures are finished properly, you'll want to consult with reputable home renovation contractors phoenix az.

Remove interior walls

If you do not have an adequate basement or attic space to finish, or are searching for an option to create additional space on one of the main floors of your home, look at your layout. Do you have any interior walls you could do without? Removal of walls can be a great way of opening the space and creating space. This is particularly useful when your kitchen has to be expanded, there are small rooms that you'd like to transform into larger spaces, or if you are seeking to expand your living space and increase the sense of space.


There are two types of walls: load-bearing and non-load bearing walls. While it's possible to eliminate both however, it's much easier to eliminate interior nonload- bearing walls, aka walls that aren't supporting the construction of your home. You should consult trusted Arizona home remodelers to decide which walls to remove according to the design of your home.


Convert under-utilized space

Look at what space you have. Are you truly making use of it efficiently? There are certain areas in your home that are under-utilized and may provide the extra space you're looking for. Consider adding storage space to smaller spaces on the stairs to the second floor of your house or the closet isn't used often to create an office at home with a desk and shelves built in.


It is also possible to reuse large spaces. There may be an unoccupied guest room that's not used often. Turn it into an exercise room for your home instead or a playroom for your kids, or the other alternative when you are more likely to host guests and your children are now grown and out of the house. An entire room can be transformed into a multi-purpose living space with a dining area and an entertainment center at one end. There are many house renovations inside the walls that you have. It is essential to employ professionals to complete Phoenix Home Remodeling.

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