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5 Things to Look for in a Painting Contractor

May 2

House painting should be done in a timely manner regardless of whether it is an interior or exterior task. There are many San Diego contractors to choose from which makes it challenging to choose the best one. Here are five methods to choose the best painting contractor for you.


What can I do to determine the talent of a painter?

1. Recommendations for Stubbins Painting


Select the most qualified painting contractor San Diego for the project. It's a great method to find a good painting contractor by talking with other people who have worked with them. If you have friends who have previously used professional painting services, ask about their experiences and who they would recommend for your home.


The most powerful advertisement for the painting company is word of mouth and those who do the best job often receive the most favorable word of mouth.


2. Online Reviews that are generally positive


Reviews on the internet should be treated with caution: after all, there are two sides to every story. Trust your gut when you read reviews on the internet: believe it when a review seems genuine to you.


A painting contractor San Diego with a good online reputation is more likely to be a good painting contractor in the real world.


3. Correct responses to interview questions


Even though you may not be able to speak with them for longer than 30 minutes, any artist that is interested in your company and business will make time to answer any questions you may have.


Have your artist ask these questions:


  • Are you bonded and insured?

  • Are you able to get all the permits that are required?

  • What do you think of being an artist?

  • Do you belong to any professional associations?

  • Does any work have to be subcontracted, or is it all done by your employees?

  • Do you offer any warranties or guarantees?

  • What are the items you use?

  • Do you have any testimonials you would like to be able to share?


It is also worth thinking twice before you hire an individual who can do more than just paint. Otherwise, your painter may have been fixing roofs yesterday or laying concrete for you tomorrow. But our painters have years of continuous painting expertise, which will ensure that you receive the highest quality paintwork you can get.

4. Positive feedback from satisfied customers


A lot of painters will provide references from previous clients. You should take a moment to confirm the references. Give the person the number and start an informal conversation about the experience.


If the task is an exterior one Ask if they're willing to let you take a house from the outside. Take whatever steps you can to understand how the painting contractor that you are dealing with will conduct themselves when working at your home.


5. A Comprehensive Estimate


As the final stage, get an estimate from your potential painter. Contact the person who will be doing the painting directly, keeping in mind the questions and considerations discussed in this article. Armed with this information you'll be able to ask questions that are intelligent and know whether the business is suitable for the task based on their responses. These are estimates only. The final cost could be different or less based upon a variety of variables. However, having a rough estimate of the amount you'll pay is a crucial aspect.


Stubbins Painting offers a free estimate, without obligation, if you are searching for dependable contractors to work within San Diego and the surrounding areas. Our experience spans from individual homes to large-scale public buildings.

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