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Dec 14

House Painters: Easy Home Updates To Cheer You Up!


Have you ever noticed that being outside in nature makes you feel more relaxed? It's not a coincidence. The natural world has a soothing effect on people. If you live in an area with little green space, you may be missing out on some of that natural calming energy. There is an easy way to bring that natural balance to your home: add plants!
Even in winter, houseplants can give your home a spring-like feel. You can also bring color into your home with their earthy tones of brown and green. If you choose flowering plants, they can also be used to create brighter colors. Even if you don't have the luxury of looking out to nature, plants placed near windows can give you that feeling. These natural, earthy elements can bring joy to your home.


You don't have to move walls if you spend most of your time within a small space. Simply add a mirror. This classic visual trick is used by designers all the time. A mirror placed well can bring light into a space. Make sure you choose the right size mirror for your space. You could make the space feel smaller if you choose a mirror that is too large.


Are you feeling a little stressed lately? Look around your house. It's easy for clutter to build up in your home. This can lead to anxiety. It's easy to improve your mental health by organizing your home and tidying it up. Don't panic if you feel overwhelmed by the task. It's enough to have a plan. You can take it one step at time or, rather, one room at at time. To get started, start with a small space and work your way up to each room.
When deciding which items to keep, toss or donate, try to be thoughtful about each item. It is important to only keep the items you use regularly and those that bring you joy. You will feel calmer once you have cleared out the clutter in your home.


We have the best tip! You don't need to spend a lot of money to make a big change in the colors you use in your home. Consider how you want to feel in each room when choosing the right colors. You can create a relaxing atmosphere with calming colors such as blues and greens. Pinks, soft peach and lavender tones and creamy whites will create a warm, cozy feeling in your home. You can also warm up your space by using a bright shade of yellow like citrine, our January Color of the Month.
These easy home improvements will instantly improve your mood, even if you are spending the winter indoors. Spring Hill Painting Pros is available to assist you if you are looking to give your home a mini mood-improving makeover. Get a free estimate for your house painting project today!
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