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Nov 20

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Choosing Exterior Paint Colors
It doesn't matter what color you choose for your exterior paint. The right exterior paint color could make your Spring Hill home worth thousands more. It can be difficult to choose from a handful of colors, given the sheer number of options and paint colors available. Here are some tips to help you choose the right exterior paint colors for your home. These tips will give you the confidence to make great exterior paint choices for your home.

Paint Samples
Printing paint samples is a great way to get an idea of how the paint color will look once it dries. But, appearances can be deceiving. Print swatches of paint should be viewed indoors under artificial lighting, especially when they are printed. It is better to have actual paint samples than rely on printed versions when choosing exterior paint colors. You never know what a paint will look like on different base materials. The color of a wood surface could be different from a stucco surface.

Certain woods and other materials absorb paint in ways which can dramatically alter its appearance after it dries. It is important to remember that direct sunlight can have a dramatic effect on the color of exterior paint colors. The color will appear lighter over time if it is exposed to more sunlight. It's best to choose a shade or two darker color if your home gets a lot of direct sun throughout the day.

A small sample of the colors you are considering is the best way to see how they will look on your exterior. Test paint in a small area on the exterior of your house. You should test paint on both the south and north sides of your home. Paint in areas that are subject to light and weather conditions. To get an idea of the effect, place your paint sample next your trim color. Finally, to really get a feel for how your Spring Hill home will look under different conditions, you can check your paint samples at different times throughout the day.

Consider the Colors of Neighboring Homes
You want to impress potential buyers and neighbors. You should choose colors that complement the neighborhood's curb appeal. Check with your HOA to make sure you are adhering to the approved colors for exterior paint. Before you make a final decision about color, it is advisable to consult your local community board. You should choose colors that are distinctive and don't compete with other homes. You can maintain your neighborhood appeal by choosing colors that complement, but not mirror, the homes of your neighbors. While similar colors are fine, choosing the same color can make your home less unique. Call Spring Hill Painting Pros today.

Lighting Conditions
The color of your exterior paint can be affected by the sun, as mentioned above. What color will your choice look like in direct sunlight? You might consider other colors that look better in different lighting conditions. It is also important to consider the direction your home's front faces. Your home will get less direct sunlight during the day if it faces north. This makes the colors appear cooler. Your colors will appear warmer if your home faces south, making them seem more muted and less intense.

Trim Color Matters
To trim or not trim? That shouldn't be a question. Every exterior painting job should include trim work around your home. Painting the trim and accent around your Spring Hill home can protect it from weather and possible rot. It also adds a welcome color contrast to the exterior of your house. You can create a subtle contrast by choosing a trim color that is a few shades darker or lighter than your exterior color. A trim color that is the same color as your main color will highlight your home and not create a stark contrast. You can make a bold statement with your trim by choosing a different color from the exterior color. You should choose a trim color that complements the look of the rest of the house.

Think about the color of your fence and deck
Your curb appeal does not end at the curb. If you have a deck or fence, the color should match your exterior paint color. This is a common mistake that homeowners make. The good news is that you have many options for deck and fence color choices. You can either paint or stain your deck or fence depending on the material you used. There are many color options available for both. Concrete decks can even be stained or painted.

When choosing the color of paint or stain for your deck and fence, it is important to take into account its age and make-up. To reduce paint absorption by wood fences and decks older than that, a primer coat may be required. You can also use the same color testing method that you used on your exterior and trim for your deck or fence.

What about your Garage?
The garage is another area that can be overlooked when you choose exterior paint colors. Are you looking for a garage door that is the same color as your rest of the house or one that stands out from the crowd? There is no right or wrong answer. It all comes down to personal preference. Just like a fence or deck, you need to consider the material and condition of the surface that will be painted. To properly prepare vinyl, wood or metal garage doors for painting, different prep work is required. Vinyl doors will need to be primed and scraped before painting. Metal doors can only need a light cleaning. You can be sure that the color you choose will last for a long time by making sure it is well prepared.

Do You Own A Shed?
It's easy to paint a shed with any color you like and then forget about it. Your shed should be part of your home and complement your other property. It is important to understand the different paint options available for shed materials before you choose a type or color. A primer that prevents rust is a good choice for metal sheds. A 100 percent latex paint can be used to protect your shed from the elements, and give it a new look. A waterproof primer can be used before painting sheds with wood siding. This will help to preserve the wood and prevent it from rotting.

Ask for professional painting advice
It can be overwhelming to choose the right exterior paint color for your house, given all of the options. It can lead to wasted time and headaches if you choose the wrong color for your exterior. These tips will help you make an informed decision on the best color for your home. Spring Hill Painting Pros are here to help you if you aren't sure or need suggestions. Spring Hill Painting Pros are experts in choosing the right color paint for your home, garage or deck. We can help you decide the best exterior paint color for your home.,-82.501499,10z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x571750d46f038091!8m2!3d28.4511574!4d-82.501499?hl=en