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5 Tips to Optimize Your Small Kitchen Space

Nov 16

People are becoming more inclined to live in smaller places as a result of the trend towards tiny homes. You can buy a small house kit or even convert an old shipping container into your new house. A little kitchen is generally part of a tiny home. You will need to be an expert in designing small kitchens to make the most of the space you have.


On the other hand, many people are forced to work in small areas because they do not have enough space for the kitchen. It doesn't matter how small or vast your kitchen space you have, there are numerous ways to maximize space. After all, you want to enjoy your time in your kitchen without feeling restricted.


Here are some ideas to maximize the value of a tiny renovation contractor Albuquerque:


1. Focus on the task at hand.


To ensure your kitchen is functional, first, concentrate on the purpose. First, make sure there is enough space to work and kitchen appliances.


If big appliances are a concern, consider adopting smaller appliances in order to reduce space. The smaller appliances include compact refrigerator drawers and microwaves. It is also possible to choose smaller stoves with one sink or two burners.


2. Storage in a Small Kitchen


Think about these small kitchen storage alternatives if your small kitchen is beginning to feel cramped and overrun by overhead cabinets:


  • Replace the top cabinets with open storage to avoid feeling cramped.

  • To free up some counter space, hang shelving or pot racks and/or pegboards.

  • Clean the kitchen sink by removing the "drawers" beneath the sink that don't open.

  • Install a corkboard interior of your kitchen cabinets.

  • Replace your countertop knife block by the use of a magnetic knife strip upgrade your kitchen knives

  • Instead of fretting about draining boards to your kitchen, try looking for dishes racks that fold into the wall or can be compressed when not used.

  • To give the room the appearance of a kitchen, install a metal rack on the wall or on top of the island.

  • Keep in mind that keeping clutter at a minimum is crucial for making the most out of your storage space when you have a tiny kitchen design.

3. Create illusions with color


Coastal Living suggests painting everything white to create the illusion of a larger room. This isn't an ideal choice for those who are prone to getting dirty when cooking and baking since you'll be cleaning a lot. Bright, fresh white walls and kitchen cabinets, however, will appear airy and expansive.


According to Coastal Living, add wood and wicker accents to your small kitchen layout. For a more luminous appearance, select stools with light wooden legs. A light fixture made from woven Wicker (or baskets) can bring a unique accent to the kitchen.


4. Take a look at the design of your kitchen.


If your kitchen is too small to accommodate galley kitchens, a one-wall layout kitchen is a fantastic alternative. The one-wall configuration will be the most efficient method to make space.


In kitchens that have a single wall, the fridge, stove counters, cabinets, as well as sink are all on the same wall. Think about the best order to arrange the kitchen items since this wall can practically house all of the kitchen necessities.


5. Create a mood board


It is simpler to hide flaws or differentiate designs in large kitchen layouts than in smaller kitchens. This is harder in smaller kitchens or in areas with limited spaces.


To assist you in tackling this problem, create a mood board with the items that interest you. Include countertop materials furniture, cabinetry, fixtures, and flooring, along with lighting and color schemes.


To have a better idea of how the items will line up and appear in the kitchen of your tiny space with samples and swatches of what you're planning to use. It's recommended to keep the cabinet hardware and fixtures in the same color and style as the rest of the decor.

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