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DIY Paintless Dent Removal is Dangerous and Ineffective

Nov 15

If you've come to this blog, we are assuming that you have seen ads for kits and tools to take out the marks. We're not going you know about these products as they could cause us financial difficulties. We can't prevent you from trying one of these kits on your car -- considering it's your car, we strongly advise against the use of such kits and recommend San Diego dent repair. In the long run, the cost could be lots of time in frustration, money, and time. We would like the best for your car and for you, therefore, read these reasons why you should avoid DIY dent removal.


Can you do paintless dent repair yourself?

The first step is to should know what we mean by paintless dent repair, which Bodyguard is an expert in. On the other hand, paintless repair, or PDR performs exactly as it states on the label that is, it repairs the dented surface to its former shape while keeping the factory paint in good condition. This process does not require any sanding, painting, or repair. The method is as follows:


  • A professional evaluate the damages and determines the most efficient method to fix them. This may include removing the interior panel or breaking the glass.

  • The technician will choose which tool is best suited to the task. The technicians have access to a wide range of tools and the experience and expertise to choose the right tool for each kind of damage.

  • The technician then gently massages the area until it is in place. He will start at the edge of the wound. The specialist will gradually diminish the area of the injury until it completely disappears.


It's all about looks. What could be the most difficult thing to be?


Imagine your car getting struck by hail this spring. You may think that hail damage caused by car hail is minor. It's not worth the effort to attempt to have the professional repair done by your insurance company. We can appreciate the need to stop the issue from occurring, but the value of your car is something you don't want to take a chance with. When the time comes to trade-in or sells your car, many are surprised by the amount "a little cosmetic damage" could cost. It is possible to think that a few hundred dollars will be enough to repair your vehicle, however it could cost you thousands. This can lower the value of your vehicle by up to 5%. It's worth the time and effort to have any minor damaged repairs made professionally.


Do you think DIY is worth the effort when it could save me money?


Do-it-yourself dent repair is not the same as cutting your hair before you have to go to the salon to correct your mistake. This kind of situation isn't for trial and error. Why? because insurance is involved. If your car is damaged, it is an occurrence for which you are required to file an insurance claim. Your insurance provider might not want the coverage of additional damages to your vehicle in the event that it suffers further damage. In other words, if you damage your vehicle while attempting to repair it, you've rendered all of the initial damage insurable. Yikes. It's a costly error that we don't believe to be worth taking. You may think you can get away with it. Your insurance company will send an appraiser out to check the car and give you a quote. This is precisely what an appraiser will look for. They've been on the road a number of times.


There's a second reason why doing DIY repair of dents before seeking professionals' help could be a pricey mistake. Paintless dent removal is possible only in the absence of any scratch marks on the car. If the paint that was applied by the factory has been damaged in the beginning or after the repair attempt, paintless dent removal cannot be used to fix your car.


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