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Exterior Painting Dublin - Painting in Colours

Nov 7

Painting In Colour provides affordable painting in Dublin services with top-grade materials & quality finish. We assure maximum client satisfaction with our solid work reputation for several years.

Exterior Paint Matters

The building exterior is equally important as the building interior. In fact, people convert by looking at the exterior first, the rest comes later. Aesthetic exterior painting design moves people psychologically towards your intention. Absolutely nobody would care for a building with a poor outer finish and a boring exterior painting design.

That’s why Painting In Colour provides the best exterior design and quality finish within your budget. It is the most affordable exterior painting service in Dublin that will change the entire outlook of your building. We are from artistic minds and we like to play simple. We will make your building exterior into a super eye-catchy design that people love.

Shield Your House From Fungus

Your building exterior is responsible for keeping your building safe from insects, fungus, & harsh climate. Don’t get a poor exterior painting finish from local stores that fade & starts to crack in a week. Instead, Painting In Colour gets you the best quality paint that prevents damping, insects, dust, & moss from growing on your walls. Have faith, we got this.

Safety Is Our First Priority

Painting jobs involves trouble as the paint may fall on your windows & screens, rusty nail bleeding, paints on floors & concrete, toxic paint fumes, etc. We don’t do sloppy jobs that may harm our customers. We have-

  • Safety equipment for the team
  • Compensations for unexpected situations
  • OSHA Complaint
  • Trained supervisors for maximum safety
  • Properly stored materials to protect nature

We always take pride in our ways to handle the paint job perfectly and leave not a single drop on anywhere other than the wall. Also, all the windows, vents, footholds will be masked in thick plastic papers to prevent any stains. Smooth job until the end.

Only Best Paints For The Best Exterior

Painting In Colour believes that all building exteriors in Dublin should be painted with only the best paint in town. We have seasoned painters in Dublin who know the inside out of the paints.

What happens when the best paint meets the best painter? You will only be able to be mesmerized by the final look of your exterior painting. As if the paint talks, your exterior would be dazzling in colors in our hand.

To achieve a finishing so high, we mostly go for Fleetwood and Johnstone’s paints for the paint jobs. These are the top-local paint stores that usually import paint from the far USA. There are more than a dozen varieties for exterior paints and we choose only what your exterior deserves.

Additionally, we work with mostly water-based paints that don’t have toxicity. Instead of oil-based paints, these water-based ones dry quickly as well as keep the color contrast the same as the sample color. Lasts a long time, doesn’t fade away.

Best Prices With Affordable Cost

Painting In Colour has the best exterior paint packages that are adjustable according to your desire. Our packages come at an affordable cost range, suitable for everyone in Dublin. We charge only the minimum as our policy and there is no hidden cost. We are ahead of our competitors as we don’t exercise money extortion from our clients. Your trust is our profit.

Stand-out Clean Finish

We make your building exterior stand out with dazzling colors. You can compare the building exterior before & after our service to see how much we are capable of renovating your exterior. Our team members can handle any type of exterior surface with utmost care. There will be nothing you won’t like about the finished job.

Try our exterior services for:

  • A new charismatic look of your building
  • High-Quality detailing with precision
  • Only the best materials are used for painting
  • Smooth finish without leaving a single scratch
  • Complete furnishing with required services
  • Advanced exterior paint shaving
  • All surface painting (wood, aluminum, vinyl, etc.)
  • 5 years quality guarantee of finished work

Our Expertise

Your building is your property and it only suits good outer looks. We can and will bring life to your building by carefully utilizing advanced tools, hand-picked paints, detailed decorations, and delicate touches from expert hands.

Our team is highly trained professionals with several years of painting works. We are skilled in delicate exterior decorations and clean finishes. Our specialty is, we take health precautions seriously. We follow the complete safety policies within our job to ensure maximum safety for the residents as well as our team. Also, we use eco-friendly painting solutions that won’t intoxicate you and your children. It’s our job and we got your back.


We are capable of undertaking large-scale projects and supply needed manpower as per job requirements. Our services have highly trained and qualified craftsmen such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, plasterers, and other related people. We can move these teams as necessary so that you can have the perfect final look of your exterior.


Painting In Colour does the best exterior paint jobs in the area of Dublin and the surroundings. Our painters are highly skilled, knowledgeable, and capable of climbing high-story buildings to complete the exterior paint job. We have all the work samples as well as consultations to decide the best finish jobs that suit best on your exterior.  Our professional staff will guide you through each step carefully so that you can make your decisions quickly & calmly to get the best results.

We hold a reputation for providing high-quality exterior painting service in Dublin at a reasonable cost. Our customer service is top in the neighborhood with no issues for several years. Single projects to large-scale renovations, we can perform all with the best of our expertise. Additionally, we have enough manpower to cover supportive tasks in order to perfectly finish the job. We got everything you need.

Should You Prepare?

Painting In Colour works from a professional & aesthetic corner that requires very little preparation from the client. Yes, you don’t have to prepare much. Just a few things are enough-

  • We may bring tools in trailers as well as a good amount of toolsheds. Please clear the driveway before we arrive for the job as it makes our job handling smoother.
  • Keep away vehicles from the work area to prevent any unexpected paint spill on your brand car. Painting In Colour consists of highly skilled painters in Dublin with clean job records for more than a decade. Still, we prefer to play safe.
  • Please keep your pets away from the work area. Exterior painting is a tough job and we might need to keep open the gates at your residence as our workers may often travel in between. So, your pet is your responsibility and we can’t prevent them from escaping through the gates.
  • If your exterior is leaking from the inside, we advise leading some of us into your interior to fix the problem for good. That means we might need to step inside your residence at your will.
  • You can stay at home or leave during the painting work, it’s up to you. We can always find ways to work around you while maintaining safety measures.

That’s all you need to do. While we are at it, please keep away the kids from prying into the tools that we bring with us. Precautions are the best safety measures.

How Do We Start?

Painting In Colour guarantees professional service at every job we have taken. We will come prepared to remodel your exterior with everything needed. As we start, we may do these things before applying the paints-

  • We will clean your exterior well with pressured water pumps. If you did clean the surface before our arrival, that’s even better.
  • We will fix any broken parts of the exterior with cement or gues & plastic as necessary. Broken walls, cracked surfaces, holes in the walls, anything will be fixed, sanded, and painted with extreme care.
  • We will be there from 8 am to 4 pm and you don’t need to worry about anything. We have our supplies and you don’t have to trouble yourself.
  • After the job is finished, we will clean up our mess and won’t leave a single stain behind. That’s our job and we won’t let your hands get dirty.


Although we will inform you everything regarding the safety measures during & after the paint job, you can still practice some precautions to prevent any further troubles.

  • Leave the windows to dry for a week before touching them.
  • Open the windows often to exhaust gases developed from the paints.
  • Don’t brush off the surface of the exterior right after the finishing. Give it a little time to dry.
  • From the beginning till the end of the painting job, please keep your child away from the tools. We work with some heavy equipment that is made only for adults.

Get Free Estimate For Your Exterior

Painting In Colour has expert in-house exterior consultors & artisans for your service. You can get the whole project estimate with just one call session. Also, we will get you to discuss with our color experts to pick the best color that suits your taste. You can always ask for service-related inquiries any time and we will get to you as soon as possible.

Call Us to Get Your 100% Free Quote

We are ready to sit down with our clients and discuss their projects. We listen to your proposals, suggest possible alternatives, and carry out the perfect plan to establish your dream project. Our appointments are always open for you. Contact us through email or call us to get your free quote. 

Our consultations are free of cost. We aim to fulfill your needs to the best of our capabilities. Customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority. We guarantee the safe execution of your project and always try to provide you with the best services.

Looking To Hire Experts in Painting?

You are at the right place! We offer all kinds of painting services in Dublin and we respond to every call in the shortest time. Our expertise led us to where we stand now. Painting In Colour believes in aesthetics. Our painters work with their trained hands to create delicate designs on your properties and make them look beautiful. We guarantee that our team is the best painters in Dublin. We own a clean work record with ZERO slipup. Painting In Colour has been satisfying its customers with the top-quality customer service you could ever have. We are here to listen to you. You can contact us by the given number. Also, we are free to chat with you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. If you want the perfect job with the perfect finish, HIRE US. We are the best.
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