20 Best Easter Egg Painting Ideas 2021

Sure, you could just dip these eggs in a store-bought dye kit and call it a day. But if you’re a smart guy with some serious DIY chops, it probably won’t hurt. Instead, let your creative talent shine with one of these eye-catchers Ideas for painting Easter eggs.

Whether you’re conjuring up loads of table decorations at Easter brunch or just wanting to win the vacation by the gram (hey, no judgment), these techniques will help you create unique masterpieces by the dozen. From marbled looks to trompe l’oeil effects, from traditional to trendy, here are the best Easter egg painting ideas to try this year.


Watercolor easter eggs

First, mix a few colors of your watercolors on a palette. Then brush clean water onto the egg, followed by a few light watercolor strokes where the egg is wet. Keep moistening different parts of the egg and brushing on the same or a different color until you achieve the watercolor look you want.

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Polka dot Easter eggs

You can either use a traditional Easter egg coloring technique or paint the background color. However, when it comes time to add the dots, consider investing in puff paint for a 3D effect.


White paint marker Easter eggs

Use a fine pencil to paint on any pattern. We used brown and white here, but you can choose any color you want!


Gingham Easter egg

Nothing says spring like a cheerful gingham pattern. Use watercolor paints and a flat-tipped brush, and paint any color of your choice to give it the look of a white egg.

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Alphabet Easter eggs

This technique couldn’t be easier and the result is chic, modern and completely personalized. Use ordinary stickers to cover an initial in the center of your egg. Then cover the whole thing with spray paint. When you remove the sticker you will see this letter in a bold negative area.

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Easter basket egg

Here’s a project for a steady hand: use fine brown pencils or brushes to paint a wicker basket on your egg. Fill this basket with tiny painted eggs. So beautiful. And so meta!


Silhouette easter eggs

This painting technique creates a nice, complicated looking result – but it’s actually pretty easy to achieve. Just use stickers of whatever shapes you like to create the negative space effect after you’ve painted or colored the egg.

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Original easter egg with cross stitch

Use a white paint pen to create a cross-stitch look that can be used to showcase your initial or family monogram on an Easter egg. It’s a great idea for a personalized detail that you can put anywhere on the holiday table.


Faux bois eggs

Faux bois, meaning fake wood, refers to the practice of mimicking the appearance of wood grain on any other form of media. Using a white paint pen, draw irregular lines and concentric circles on your egg to keep the look. (And hey, even if it doesn’t convince as a faux bois, you will probably still get some cool graphic design.)


Radish eggs

Whip up loads of eggs reminiscent of fresh farmer’s market radishes by painting three-quarters of a blown egg pink. Finish the look by using hot glue to attach cream colored yarn as roots to the bottom, and attaching rolled up green crepe paper to the top as a stem.


Flowery Easter eggs

These full flowered eggs look so complicated, but the technique is straightforward: just paint tiny Xs for each flower and use a different color to paint dots in the center of each flower.

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Salad eggs

Use a thin white paint pen to create the appearance of the veins of lettuce leaves on green colored eggs. Skilled artists (with steady hands) can even achieve a convincing trompe l’oeil effect using this method.


Bouffant Easter eggs

Is there a cuter Easter egg on the table at girls’ brunch? After painting the hair, draw on features like sunglasses, eyelashes, lips – whatever speaks to you!

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Nail polish marble eggs


Emoji Easter eggs

How do you really feel in spring Express it on these Easter eggs using this sassy painting technique. Use yellow craft paint and black and red paint markers to conjure up a whole bunch of emoji eggs that will wow the crowd.

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Holiday stenciled silhouette painted eggs

First, paint your whole egg with a layer of craft paint in any color. Then use stencils to add contrasting details that go perfectly with the theme of the holiday – like bunnies, carrots, flowers or chicks.

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Chill Pill Easter Eggs

Who couldn’t use a couple of these? Turn your eggs into cool pills with pink acrylic paint, painter’s tape to cover the white half, and small black letter stickers to spell out the message.

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Folk art Easter egg

Traditional Scandinavian folk art features stylized flowers and elements of nature, as well as geometric patterns for a cute and charming result. Use it as inspiration to do some of your own rosemaling (that type of decorative painting) on ​​small egg canvases.


Indigo marbled Easter eggs

These amazing eggs are reminiscent of the infinite cosmos … or maybe your favorite jeans. Whatever you see in it, this simple, inexpensive technique can help you achieve the look with blue nail polish.

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