2 contractors chosen for Tesla’s $1.1B Texas factory project

Diving letter:

  • Tesla accelerated plans for a $ 1.1 billion Cybertruck facility and recently purchased an additional 381 acres in Austin, Texas, along with its 2,100 acres site, to expand the footprint of the manufacturing project. according to the Austin American-Statesman.
  • Although no contractors have been officially announced for the project, Tesla procurement manager Jessica Munoz said the Community Impact Newspaper that two general contractors have been selected but not yet named. The company is also looking for subcontractors for various jobs This includes construction site logistics, painting, flooring, fire protection, interior construction, plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and electrical projects.
  • Tesla supposedly wants Open the plant until May 1, 2021 and According to the American statesman, additional land purchases are believed to be made in southeast Austin.

Dive Insight:

Tesla had many permits for the property when it purchased the land and was able to start work before the official land purchase announcement on July 22nd.

Tesla bought the new package from building materials supplier Martin Marietta according to the American Statesman. The supplier operates a concrete plant on the site that will supply the concrete for the Tesla plant.

In related news, three permits containing site plans for “Giga Texas” – the name listed on the project filing at the prospective plant address – were filed by Austin-based civil engineer Garza EMC. Garza submitted permission on August 4 describes “building a vehicle factory” with parking lots and more than 7.9 million square feet. Garzas on August 18th Site plan has been approved, and a Correction of the site plan was approved on September 4th. A Garza spokesman declined to comment on the project or the company’s involvement.

Tesla originally paid $ 97 million to the city of Austin for the country, and drone footage captured by local Tesla enthusiasts in August shows rapid progress in preparing the country.

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